Audi Cup 2015 as a digital experience

Posted on 27. Jul, 2015 by in Audi Canada

For smartphone users, a Audi Football App is a must-have. In further to information on compare schedules and teams, it offers a news section, a fan section with contests and votings, and a live streaming area in that any app user can watch a matches from opposite camera perspectives by streaming. The Audi Player Index is a new feature. A special analysis procession determines a ‘Man of a Match’ in any game. Every movement of any football actor on a representation is prisoner and automatically and objectively analyzed around a analysis of 91 particular criteria. The Audi Football App will be accessible giveaway of assign for Android and iOS starting on Aug 3.

To element a app, fans can obtain information on many other channels. Everything about a Audi Cup 2015 and Audi’s football commitments can be found during and ‘Latest news’ will be accessible on a Twitter channel @Audi_Sportnews.

Digital destiny can be gifted on general TV broadcasts as well. ‘Digital Overlay’ enables practical conceal of LED fringe advertising. The vigilance in a track stays unchanged, though a camera vigilance is decoded and superimposed. As a result, TV viewers in Italy, Great Britain, China and a United Arab Emirates can watch a LED signs with specific promotional calm in a applicable inhabitant languages. Audi accompanies a growth of this new technology.

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