Audi develops a new era of tools

Posted on 11. Mar, 2016 by in Audi Canada

The new collection are adult to eight tons lighter than required tools, that are done totally of expel iron and import adult to 45 tons. The reduce weight is essentially due to an ideal brew and placement of a materials expel iron, aluminum and plastics. The combination construction judgment is a underline of Audi’s lightweight construction in vehicle engineering and is now used also in toolmaking. It follows a element of a right element in a right place in a right quantity. An critical purpose is played by innovative production methods such as lead 3D printing. The new collection concede faster, some-more accurate estimate of piece metal, are theme to reduction wear and tear, and are significantly some-more fast notwithstanding their reduced weight. In total, Audi has achieved an appetite saving of over ten percent by a use of a new tools. “With this lightweight and combination construction, we are environment new standards during Audi Toolmaking,” settled Michael Breme, Head of Toolmaking during AUDI AG. “This enables us to furnish even some-more stretchable und some-more fit collection with a top peculiarity and to serve optimize a production processes.”

In further to a materials used, a disproportion is done also by a construction of a new era of tools, that differs essentially from that of their predecessors. In a press, a apparatus is subjected to huge army of adult to 2,500 tons. The highlight is increasing by a consistent exercise of combining or slicing operations. Individually blending arched shapes in a simple structure give a new collection optimal fortitude and so urge a delivery of forces. The simple structure of a required apparatus relies on cast‑iron cross‑ribbing whereby a pattern of a ribs is blending to a sheet-metal tools being produced.

With a new apparatus generation, a army that have to be engrossed by a structure of a combining press are optimally distributed. This ensures good rigidity and also saves adult to 20 percent material. Some of a tools’ shapes are subsequent from inlet and resemble leaves or a skeleton of a tellurian skeleton for example. Once again, innovative production processes play a wilful purpose in a production of such “bionic shapes.”

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