Audi motorist Robin Frijns: “I have dreamed of a DTM for a prolonged time”

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First of all: Could we greatfully tell us how to pronounce your name correctly? 
Frijns: “In genuine Dutch, my name gets conspicuous as “Freijns” with a kind of prolonged “e” sound. When vocalization in English, a ubiquitous diction is “Frins” that has a brief “i” sound. But, for me personally, it doesn’t matter. As prolonged as we know that it is me, all is fine.”

Many immature competition drivers start their career in karting, as we also did. From your indicate of view, is karting a good place to get started in racing? 
“For me personally, it was really a good start for my motorsport career. In karting, we had a leisure to learn about motorsport, including all of a technical aspects. we really mostly worked on a transport and a chassis, in sequence to urge a set-up. One does not usually learn about driving, though also all of a other aspects of racing.”

You have been active in single-seater racing before commencement your GT racing career with Audi Sport patron racing. How do we demeanour behind on this duration of your career?
“I had 3 really successful years in single-seater racing, during that time we won titles opposite obvious names. we afterwards had dual years as a Formula One exam motorist with really singular pushing time. we motionless that we do not wish that anymore and we took a possibility to expostulate with Audi Sport patron racing and finally competition again. we am really blissful that we did that, we have had a lot of success together.”

You took partial with Audi in a DTM Young Driver Test in 2013 and now 5 years after we have been comparison as one of a Audi bureau drivers and go to a DTM squad. What was your greeting when we listened a news?
“I have dreamed of a DTM for a prolonged time. It is an iconic championship with really sparkling racing, accurately what we enjoy. So we was really happy and confused during a same time when we perceived a news that we had been selected as one of a Audi DTM drivers for a 2018 season. we can't wait for a initial competition weekend!”

During your career in single-seater racing, we twice won titles as a rookie. What are your goals for your initial deteriorate in a DTM? 
“René Rast was really considerable final year and valid what is possible. But, we am remaining realistic. After all, we will be racing opposite drivers who have been active in a DTM for years, if not decades. My primary idea will be to get used to a automobile and a universe of DTM as quick as possible. we only wish to have fun, since that creates me quick in a races as well. It will be even improved if we can grasp lectern formula or even competition wins.”

You have already selected your starting series for a 2018 season. Do we have a specific reason as to because we chose a number?
“Yes, we will competition with a series 4 on my Audi RS 5 DTM. It has accompanied me during my successful years in single-seater racing and brought me good luck. And hopefully it will continue to do so.”

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