Audi e-fuels pass a exam in potion engine

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“Our exam shows that as good as electric pushing on renewable electricity, there are other concepts that assent long-distance, low-emission driving,” commented Reiner Mangold, Head of Sustainable Product Development during Audi.

The engineers were initial and inaugural meddlesome in reduction credentials and a synthethic fuels’ explosion characteristics. To examine these, they unnatural a conditions inside an engine in a vigour cover during adult to 15 bar and temperatures of 350 degrees Celsius. A special camera accessible how a fuel behaves during a injection process, since usually a purify reduction credentials routine will assure optimal combustion.

The potion engine was another exam station. This exam setup reveals a processes that are differently dark by a steel walls of a cylinders. A tiny window done of quartz potion enables a experts to observe a fuel’s function in a cylinder and how it interacts with a airflow in a explosion chamber. During any of adult to 3,000 revolutions per notation in a investigate engine, a notation volume of fuel shoots into a potion cylinder, is dense and ignited, and a empty gas afterwards expelled.

The conclusion: Unlike hoary fuels, a combination of that varies depending on their place of origin, fake Audi e-fuels are positively pristine fuels. Thanks to their chemical properties, fewer emissions are generated when they are burned. They do not enclose any olefines or savoury hydrocarbons. As a result, a fake fuels assure a some-more effective reduction credentials process, cleaner explosion and reduce emissions.

The subsequent assign already awaits Audi’s engineers: They now aim to serve optimize a prolongation process­ for e-ethanol and e-diesel. These new fuels will afterwards be prepared for a market. Audi operates a investigate trickery in Hobbs (New Mexico, United States) for a prolongation of e-ethanol and e-diesel in partnership with Joule. At this facility, microorganisms use H2O (brackish, salt or wastewater), object and CO dioxide to furnish high-purity fuels. The e-gas plan in Werlte is another member of Audi’s endless e-fuels strategy. It demonstrates how vast amounts of immature energy can be stored well and exclusively of plcae by transforming it into methane gas and storing it in a healthy gas network.

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