Audi extends practice guarantee

Posted on 06. Dec, 2016 by in Audi Canada

Stadler announced a practice pledge during a association assembly hold during a Ingolstadt plant on Monday. Amidst a vital refocus, a emissions emanate and a conditions of intensely severe markets, it is critical for a association to send out a signal. “Especially in capricious times, we wish to give a employees a guarantee. we am privately gay with this initial result. As a subsequent step, we wish to make Audi even some-more fit for a future.” Discussions on this theme with a General Works Council are to start really soon. With a “Audi.Future” agreement, a vehicle manufacturer skeleton to exercise a pivotal points of a 2025 corporate strategy. In a context of a negotiations for example, Audi aims to enhance a technological imagination in Germany and to strengthen a potency of a domestic plants. The doubt of where to locate a prolongation of additional electric models and ideas for future‑oriented business sectors are also on a agenda. The agreement is also to embody a serve pursuit pledge to strengthen practice for a permanent workforce until distant into a entrance decade.

Audi’s Board of Management Member for Human Resources and Labor Relations Director Thomas Sigi stated: “Our idea for a “Audi.Future” agreement is clear: We will validate a group for a hurdles of digitization while formulating a complicated operative sourroundings during Audi. We see a prolongation of a pursuit pledge until 2020 as usually a start. We will strengthen jobs during a plants in Germany also over a prolonged term. The march has been set so that we can swell together and concentration entirely on a company’s success.” Audi’s Board of Management and Works Council plant to pointer a “Audi.Future” agreement subsequent year. 

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