Audi extends impasse in a Bayreuth Festival with complicated art film project

Posted on 29. Jun, 2016 by in Audi Canada

Appearing in a film, among others, are Icelandic actor Tómas Lemarquis, Jacques Palminger, a member of a Hamburg song contingent “Studio-Braun,” and electroclash thespian Peaches, as good as actor Volker Spengler, famous from his Fassbinder films, and Sven Marquardt, a doorman during a Berghain techno club. The complicated staging, with song formed on Wagner’s leitmotifs as stoical by Moritz von Oswald, interpret a aged “Parsifal” for today.

With a sponsorship of a Bayreuth Festival, Audi is fostering enlightenment of a top order, and with “Black Mountain,” is shutting a opening between a “Wagner for Kids” plan for immature talent and grand opera. “We rarely value a special joining of a categorical unite Audi and wish they are successful in also appealing to a interests of a new aim organisation for a works of Wagner by ancillary this form of artistic innovation,” pronounced Katharina Wagner, Artistic Director of a Bayreuth Festival.

“With ‘Black Mountain’ we have combined a on-going component to a sponsorship of a Bayreuth Festival. We are giving artistic artists leisure to totally refurbish Richard Wagner’s Parsifal. The outcome is a high-caliber work of art that introduces several generations to Wagner’s work in a complicated way,” pronounced Wayne Griffiths, Head of Sales Germany during AUDI AG. “In addition, Audi will be appearing for 3 weeks in Berlin’s gallery stage with a ancillary muster ‘Black Mountain X Fragments’.”

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