Audi Group stability along expansion trail after initial half of 2015

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At a display of a half‑year halt report, Chairman of a Board of Management of AUDI AG Rupert Stadler stated, “The Audi Group demonstrated a strengths once again in a initial six months of this year.” Despite high allege output for new models, technologies and a enlargement of a worldwide prolongation network, Audi did not remove steer of a desirous profitability targets.

The association was not left inexperienced by a extrinsic expansion of universe markets. Nonetheless, a new record series of cars delivered provides justification of a strengths of a Audi code and of a whole Audi Group. Strong direct continued for a company’s products nonetheless critical models are about to be transposed by a subsequent generation. Those models comment for approximately 40 percent of section sales. Luca de Meo, Member of a Board of Management of AUDI AG for Sales and Marketing, said: “We intend to grow also in a full year and will continue to successfully master a many hurdles confronting us.” Due to a high sensitivity of markets and rising costs for a subsequent theatre of a indication initiative, discreet business operations are of pivotal importance.

With an boost in section sales of 3.8 percent in a initial half of a year, Audi is on lane to set a new record for full‑year 2015. The Ingolstadt‑based vehicle manufacturer already delivered 902,389 cars with a Four Rings in a initial six months of this year (2014: 869,357). The A3 family and a SUV models Q3 and Q5 are quite renouned with business worldwide.

From Jan by June, a Audi Group generated sum income of €29,784 million (2014: €26,690 million) – an boost of 11.6 percent. During a same period, a association increasing a operating profit by 9.1 percent to €2,914 million (2014: €2,671 million) – immediately before to a renovation of critical bestsellers such as a Audi A4.

The cost of sales of a Audi Group increasing essentially due to a clever expansion by 8.1 percent to €23,636 million (2014: €21,870 million). At a same time, offered losses rose to €2,592 million (2014: €2,419 million).

The operating return on sales for a six‑month duration was 9.8 percent (2014: 10.0 percent), once again during a top finish of a vital aim mezzanine of eight to ten percent. The Audi Group achieved profit before tax of €3,150 million for a initial half of 2015 (2014: €3,102 million), representing a return on sales before tax of 10.6 percent (2014: 11.6 percent). Profit after tax amounted to €2,429 million (2013: €2,323 million).

Axel Strotbek, Member of a Board of Management of AUDI AG for Finance and Organization, stated: “We are deliberately creation vast investments in new models, technologies and prolongation capacities, that will compensate off in a middle and prolonged term.” For this reason, Audi has started a biggest investment module in a company’s history. By 2019, a sum of €24 billion is to upsurge into new models, technologies and a continual expansion of a worldwide prolongation network. From Jan by Jun 2015 alone, Audi invested €2,001 million in a business operations (2014: €1,552 million) – scarcely 30 percent some-more than in a prior‑year period.

Despite a increasing allege expenditure, Audi entirely financed all of a investments out of a cash flow from handling activities, that increasing to €3,860 million in a initial 6 months of this year (2014: €3,712 million).

Net liquidity increasing by 8.8 percent to €16,668 million during June 30, 2015 (June 30, 2014: €15,324 million).

This year, Audi has already taken some-more than 2,000 new employees on board; a association skeleton to partisan a sum of approximately 4,000 people in Germany alone by a end of 2015. In particular, Audi is seeking experts for choice expostulate systems as good as digitalization specialists who will assistance a association to make serve swell in a fields of Audi connect and a smart factory. Worldwide, Audi intends to enhance a workforce with approximately 6,000 new employees by a finish of a year.

In a full year, a association skeleton to broach some-more automobiles of a Audi brand than in 2014. A plea in this context is that a mercantile sourroundings facilities poignant uncertainties. At a same time, allege output is flourishing for new prolongation capacities, innovative technologies and appealing new automobiles. Additional factors are a rising power of foe in pivotal markets and a technological mutation within a automotive attention towards choice expostulate systems, in sold to approve with stricter CO2 limits worldwide.

With a targeted volume growth, a income of a Audi Group will also rise, with a rate of expansion depending on a ubiquitous mercantile conditions. In addition, a association anticipates an operating return on sales within a vital target corridor of eight to ten percent.

Note: Follow a display of a Interim Financial Report 2015 of AUDI AG from 9:00 a.m. CEST: Media Telephone Conference

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