Audi Group invests in a future

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Audi will lay a foundations for destiny enlargement in 2016. In a entrance financial year, a association skeleton to continue with a high levels of investment. Along with serve routine and cost optimization, a designed collateral output is to volume to some-more than € 3 billion, and will support a Ingolstadt-based association along a successful path. Half of a designed investment will take place during a German sites in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm. Furthermore, Audi will partisan additional experts in a margin of destiny technologies once again in 2016.

The association intends to pull brazen with a enlargement plan with a authorized investment module in 2016: “We are stability with a high levels of investment in destiny technologies to raise a clever position of a brand,” emphasized Audi CEO Rupert Stadler. The automobile writer also skeleton to enter a new marketplace shred with a Audi Q2 indication subsequent year.

In addition, Audi will benefaction a inheritor of a Audi Q5 subsequent year, so stability with a subsequent section of a SUV success story. “A poignant suit of a investment is naturally in a margin of choice expostulate systems,” settled Stadler. In 2018, a initial large‑series battery‑electric car of a code with a Four Rings will be launched, formed on a Audi e-tron Quattro concept. By 2020, Audi will raise a indication operation to embody 60 opposite automobiles.

While Audi is consciously investing in new models and technologies, as good as in a enlargement of a worldwide prolongation network, CFO Axel Strotbek also sees intensity for continual cost improvements: “With a stream investment program, we apparently wish to raise a brand’s clever position, though during a same time, we aim to grasp additional financial range by means of serve routine and cost optimization.” According to Strotbek, a association will not save during a responsibility of a future, though each investment will be delicately examined. The Board of Management has therefore motionless to postpone a construction of a new breeze hovel for one year.

Audi continues to accelerate in a area of digitalization. In early December, a association acquired a one‑third seductiveness in HERE, so defence a team-work with a heading provider of digital maps and location-based services. Audi’s share of a squeeze cost amounts to € 0.85 billion. In sequence to say a “Vorsprung durch Technik” also in a future, a association will strengthen a workforce as it progresses along a enlargement trail in 2016. Thomas Sigi, Board of Management Member for Human Resources during AUDI AG, stated: “We are looking for experts in areas critical for a future.” Demand is quite clever for specialists in choice expostulate systems and lightweight construction, though also for IT specialists, who will serve rise a fields of Audi connect, Audi mobility and intelligent bureau in a context of digitalization.

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