Audi in a simTD large-scale exam study: the “traffic light info online” project

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A sum of 17 consortium partners participated in simTD (safe and intelligent mobility, exam margin Germany) – including 6 carmakers. It was one of a largest projects of a kind in a world. Audi insincere shortcoming for what is famous as mandate analysis, that served as a basement for a project’s simple framework. In addition, engineers during a code destined several particular projects – including a trade light proviso assistant, highway preview and extended navigation. Audi appearance was dull out by a work in a area of a intersection assistant. The Audi exam swift consisted of 20 vehicles.

In a trade light proviso partner project, 20 trade light systems in a closeness of Frankfurt am Main were retrofitted so that a exam swift could promulgate with them. The idea of developers was to grasp a many fit upsurge of trade in civil areas. Audi contributed from a endless believe bottom that was acquired in a travolution project. That plan was started behind in 2006.

Information from a trade light systems is transmitted to a automobile and visualized as striking images on a motorist information complement display. They uncover a motorist a speed to name in sequence to strech a subsequent trade light during a immature phase. Acoustic signals also advise a motorist in allege of red phases. Remaining time information that is shown in a arrangement assists in watchful for green.

Audi has already finished a subsequent growth step, that goes over a plan range of simTD. Here, a cars are connected to a executive trade control mechanism around UMTS. This creates it nonessential to modify a trade lights themselves. 35 units of a Audi A1 e-tron, that are participating in a “Showcase for Electric Mobility” beginning by a German sovereign government, already implement an modernized chronicle of this new technology.

Traffic light info online enables CO2 reductions of adult to 15 percent. In sum, this would be homogeneous to about 900 million liters (237.75 million US gallons) of fuel per year, if this record were to be implemented around Germany. It has reached a theatre of marketplace readiness. Today, Audi is already saying a lot of seductiveness among cities and communities.

In a simTD large-scale exam study, instituted in autumn 2008, 6 German carmakers, dual vast suppliers, a communications association and several systematic and open institutes are operative closely together to acquire extensive believe about Car-to-X communication. The plan was sponsored by a German sovereign ministries for Economy and Technology, Education and Research and Transport, Building and Urban Development.

Over a march of a six-month unsentimental phase, after that a plan has now come to an end, a sum of 500 exam drivers in 120 cars and 3 motorcycles lonesome a sum of 1.65 million kilometers (1.03 million miles). The vehicles were networked with one another around specifically grown radio delivery apparatus and around a trade control core to surprise drivers of trade conditions and hazards.

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