Audi concerned in customary for tolerable aluminum

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“As a colonize for lightweight construction, we are really meddlesome in substantiating a tellurian customary for tolerable aluminum. This will concede us to serve urge a environmental impact of a cars by regulating approved aluminum in a future,” explained Dr. Bernd Martens, Audi’s Board of Management Member for Procurement, with courtesy to fasten a Aluminium Stewardship Initiative.

The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative was founded in a autumn of 2012 and aims to rise a sustainability customary for aluminum by a finish of 2014, with a support of a environmental classification IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). It sets environmental and amicable criteria that request to all stages of extracting a tender element as good as producing and estimate aluminum. “Active shortcoming is resolutely anchored via a company. Also in a supply chains, we place priority on a formation of environmental insurance and amicable responsibility,” emphasized Dr. Martens.

The new customary fits in good with Audi’s holistic proceed to product responsibility: The reward manufacturer not usually ensures that a automobiles are rarely fuel efficient, though also analyzes a environmental impact of a products over their whole lifecycles – from a descent of tender materials to prolongation to operation to recycling. For any new indication series, Audi has a approved environmental research prepared in sequence to consider a impact on a environment; a design is to revoke it compared with any model’s predecessor. For example, a association has been means to denote that both a stream Audi A6 and Audi A3 have softened in all applicable environmental categories. The new Audi A3 has a improved environmental footprint than a prototype right from a initial kilometer. In further to tolerable materials and prolongation processes, ultra-lightweight construction plays an critical role. This creates a Audi A3 adult to 80 kilograms lighter than a prior generation; a A3 Sportback is indeed adult to 90 kilograms lighter.

Audi has positioned itself as a colonize for lightweight construction. At a Frankfurt Motor Show 20 years ago, a reward code presented a Audi Space Frame, a shimmering china uncover automobile with an unpainted physique done of discriminating aluminum. In 1994, a initial Audi A8 went into array production. The automobile was formed on a unitary aluminum physique with a weight of only 249 kilograms.

With a ultra-lightweight construction today, Audi relates an intelligent element brew – according to a sign of “the right element in a right place in a smallest compulsory quantity.” Lower weight enhances pushing pleasure, improves safety, and has reduction impact on a environment. After all, each kilogram saved means reduction fuel is consumed and reduction CO2 is emitted.

Corporate shortcoming is resolutely anchored as a running element in a Audi strategy. As good as financial success and general competitiveness, equal priority is placed on shortcoming for employees and society, as good as on safeguarding a sourroundings and resources along a value chain. Audi’s prophesy is to make CO2-neutral mobility possible.

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