Audi is a elite address: tip places in German employer rankings

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“Vorsprung durch Technik” attracts a experts of tomorrow: This is proven by new studies by consulting companies trendence* and Universum*. In both rankings, Audi is once again a elite employer for immature engineers in Germany. The association is also increasingly renouned with immature IT experts. University students have good pursuit opportunities during Audi: This year, a code with a Four Rings skeleton to partisan another 6,000 new employees worldwide. A vast suit of them will work on new innovations and will yield support with building general prolongation facilities.

Most engineering students and graduates in Germany wish to work during Audi, as proven by a renewed double win in a dual studies. “In tie with a mobility of a future, confidant ideas and new concepts are required,” settled Board of Management Member for Human Resources Thomas Sigi. “Topics such as connectivity or piloted pushing intruigued immature expansion engineers and uncover what creates Vorsprung durch Technik so special during Audi.”

The rankings also prove that high‑performing immature people design an ideal employer to yield not usually innovative tasks, though also an appealing salary, particular expansion possibilities, confidence and a good work‑life balance. Students of business government reliable Audi’s lure with high rankings for these factors as well.

The association is also increasingly renouned with sought‑after IT experts: In a Universum ranking, a code with a Four Rings was seen as a best vehicle manufacturer, holding fourth place after Google, Microsoft and Apple. In a trendence‑study, Audi changed adult a ranking compared with final year, climbing from fifth to fourth place. “Any association that wants to attract IT experts has to foster a creation potential,” explained Thomas Sigi. “At Audi, we do that with prosaic hierarchies, stretchable operative practices and a energetic operative environment. With us, specialists have a best probable conditions to figure a mobility of a destiny and to request their creativity.”

Young people are increasingly captivated also by a company’s values. They conclude Audi’s open corporate enlightenment and clever amicable involvement, for instance with schools, amicable institutions and informal informative activities during a company’s several sites. The reward code offers meddlesome students countless possibilities to come into hit with a company: More than 1,600 students upheld by an internship in 2014 for example. Graduates also have additional entrance opportunities by a Development Program for Academics (EfA) or by doing a doctoral topic in partnership with Audi. Talented immature people can mix studies and unsentimental knowledge during a association by a module “Studies and Experience in Practice” (StEP) during a Ingolstadt site and a team-work with a Baden‑Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Neckarsulm.

In a context of a expansion, Audi intends to boost a product operation to 60 models by a year 2020. The code with a Four Rings will therefore deposit some-more than 24 billion euros in new products and technologies by 2019, and is ceaselessly expanding a tellurian prolongation network. As it moves along this expansion path, Audi will strengthen a workforce with additional experts. By a finish of 2015, some-more than 6,000 new employees are to be recruited worldwide. About 4,000 of a new jobs will be offering during a German sites in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm. In line with a advancing internationalization, Audi has resolutely determined in a plan a idea of being a “world’s many appealing employer.” With success: Already in 2014, a Audi Group was awarded mixed prizes as a tip employer in Germany, Italy, Hungary and Belgium.


*Universum polled approximately 23,000 students of 190 universities; a trendence
  investigate was formed on a check of approximately 36,000 students of 135 universities,
  shortly before their graduation.

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