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Ladies and gentlemen, it’s good to be behind to a International CES, a undisputed theatre of innovation.

At Audi, we are unapproachable of a efforts to precedence record to make a vehicles safer, some-more efficient, and some-more sparkling than ever before.

  • In 2011, we introduced a modular infotainment judgment here during CES.
  • In 2012, we showcased connectivity in a interior of a automobile and explained how we bond vehicles with their environment.
  • In 2013, we introduced a mint Matrix LED lighting record and combined a lot of fad with a piloted pulling and parking demo.

And today, we will share about connectivity, piloted pulling and other fast elaborating innovations. Most of all, we are arrangement a full spectrum of what it means to be a personality in innovation. By building technologies that uncover a attention and supervision stakeholders around a universe how to get from indicate A to indicate B some-more good – and, of course, some-more safely.

Ladies and gentlemen, a automobile Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of a Consumer Electronics Association, and we arrived in is a Horch 850 from a early 1930s. At a time, Horch was a synonym for a many disdainful and technically many modernized automobiles – in Germany and beyond. A loyal reward code of a era, one of a prototype companies of Audi – and a suggestion carries on. Arriving in this vehicle, we get to suffer a pulling knowledge that many owners of a Horch enjoyed about eighty years ago – a piloted pulling experience.

And today, we are redefining what “piloted driving” means for a new era.

But before we do that, let me take a step behind to a story of a automobile.

As we see it, that story falls into 4 eras.

In a initial era, group combined a appurtenance and sought to pull a limits. Drivers strapped into a seats of their Silver Arrows, practiced helmet and goggles, and gathering like mad.

The second epoch was about taming a machine. Making it reliable. Making it work for people. Turning it from a newness to an bland life tool.

The third epoch is unequivocally a epoch from a time of this Horch until now – consistent gains in safety, efficiency, technology, and luxury. Most cars, underneath a hood, were not too opposite from this Horch here.

Today, we see a duration of vital changes. we trust a fourth epoch is one in that we are relocating from enlightening a automobile, to redefining mobility.

Our business around a universe tell us what they pattern from an Audi – and they speak about wanting:

  • Mobility offerings that make clarity in civic vicinity and compare their particular needs.
  • Offerings that embody navigating parking, trade overload and any other areas where pulling pleasure is limited.
  • And business wish offerings that concede them to be fit while driving, commuting, and traveling.

This is a genuine mega-trend. No matter who we ask, no matter where they live, people wish to be connected. So if mobility used to be about joining places and people, it is now about joining a motorist with a car, a car’s surroundings, a trade infrastructure, and all of a other connected elements of their life.

We are committed to constantly enlightening a automobiles so that they demonstrate: best-in-class opening and efficiency, sporty and energetic handling, reserve and comfort, overwhelming design, reward wise and tip quality.

And we are equally committed to redefining mobility. That includes all from how a automobile is powered – with advances in electronics, hybrid-electrics, and modernized diesel record to shutting a opening between consumer wiring and automotive electronics, shutting a opening between how connected we are in your automobile and how connected we are in your life, shutting a opening between scholarship novella and a existence on a road. That is what we wish to prominence today.

Our pointer is “Vorsprung durch Technik.” With many innovations in automotive engineering relying on electrics or electronics, it becomes clear since it is usually as critical for us to be during wiring shows as it is to be during automobile shows.

While a worlds of wiring and automotive are removing closer, a creation cycles of a industries are really different. If we expostulate a 2012 model, remember that a engineers started to consider about your automobile behind in 2005. Seven years is not a lifetime for vehicles, though it’s several lifetimes for electronics, where a speed of creation is many faster – and a time it takes to get that creation to market.

This sounds like a large challenge. And it is!

Although we would rather call it a large opportunity. An event to redefine and synchronize a product growth routine – both for automotive and electronics.

And that’s since we are building on a tellurian ecosystem of partners.

As an example, we work with Qualcomm, a heading retailer of innovative wireless solutions. They yield a hardware to move high-speed LTE connectivity to a cars.

Thanks to this collaboration, in a summer of 2013, Audi became a initial carmaker worldwide to move entirely integrated LTE services to a market.

Earlier we pronounced that we listen delicately to what a business tell us. One of a pieces of feedback we hear about automotive wiring is they are proceed too formidable to handle, generally while driving. Our proceed is elementary and straightforward: More functions, reduction distraction. We accomplish this by a complement we call “human appurtenance interface”. It facilitates a dialog between motorist and automobile – and it has undergone a insubordinate change.

At CES, we see a wiring industry’s joining to user experience.

And we’ve been focusing on improving a user knowledge as well. We launched a rotary pushbutton with touchpad in a Audi A8 in 2010, after for a Audi A6. In a meantime, we rolled out this judgment to a compress segment. Today, we will find this underline in a Audi A3 family.

And interjection to a corner efforts with Google – when we bend into your Audi, your interface will feel familiar, since your Audi is now some-more discerning than ever. The touchpad responds to your handwriting. And with voice activation, we can correlate with your automobile but holding your hands off a wheel. These systems are partial of a Audi S3 we see here on theatre – truly a extended accumulation of latest wiring in a compress car.

And a practical cockpit of a new Audi TT 3 offers a singular handling and arrangement concept. The arrangement is customized for any driver. It automatically presents a many applicable information, depending on either we are parking or stranded in a trade jam. Information is easy to locate, debate functions are optimized and complement opening is outstanding. The destiny is roughly here.

One of a things we do during Audi is that we demeanour beyond. We are pulling a boundary and meditative over a horizon. We were initial to come to CES in 2011. Today, we are in sync with a wiring industry. And we don’t stop with adding hardware to a product. At Audi, it’s also about brainware – how we consider about society.

We consider about how to sync adult with a destiny of mobility – and that requires holding a some-more holistic look. The destiny of mobility is increasingly related to a civic future. Twenty years from now, dual thirds of a planet’s race will live in cities.

What will a city of a destiny demeanour like? Will noise, pollution, and trade increase?

In terms of mobility, in 2050 will a intersections and trade lights demeanour like a ones we know? Or will we see intelligent roads with integrated wiring to beam us a way?

If we have new modes of travel – how will they correlate with any other?

Will destiny generations even drive? What will a mobility ecosystem demeanour like?

These are usually a few of a questions we residence in a Audi Urban Future Initiative.

Since 2010, we have partnered with architects, civic planners and futurists – seeking their ideas and gaining their perspective.

And we are unapproachable to have recently entered into a flagship partnership that will concede us to denote new technologies and new thinking. As a central retailer of reward automobiles to a International Olympic Committee, Audi and a IOC have announced a pioneering vital agreement for a new IOC domicile now designed for Lausanne, Switzerland.

As an disdainful mobility consultant, we will rise reward mobility solutions for a new campus and will support an general design foe briefing.

We consider this is an ideal contrast sourroundings for technologies like Audi bond and piloted parking. We demeanour brazen to pity a imagination to move these sparkling plans, and this vital project, to fruition.

To serve propel a dialog about civic mobility, Audi has also launched an general mobility award, a Audi Urban Future Award. This year, interdisciplinary teams from 3 continents will come adult with reward mobility solutions for an existent civic context. We kicked off this year’s competition with an online speed representation of 3 teams in a US. In usually dual weeks, we saw some-more than 10 million Twitter impressions. We take this as an enlivening pointer that a destiny of civic mobility is gaining some-more and some-more significance worldwide.

It is my good pleasure to announce a winning group who will take partial in a 2014 Audi Urban Future Award: Philip Parsons, civic planner and owner of Sasaki Strategies, and Federico Parolotto, mobility consultant and principal of Mobility in Chain.

Their subject was to emanate a new online marketplace place for mobility. Congratulations, Philip and Federico! And good fitness for a project!

We have looked over a car, and we will continue to demeanour over a time.

Already, this meditative has made a proceed towards connected cars and elaborating automobiles to turn a largest amicable mobile inclination we own.

As we pronounced progressing today, we are bringing people together –both physically and emotionally.

Mobility is always about connectivity. That’s what you’ve seen here now – mobility, connectivity, and Audi’s joining to not usually “refine automobiles”,

but to “redefine mobility”.

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