Audi launches vital partnership with Global Bioenergies

Posted on 21. Jan, 2014 by in Audi Canada

Reiner Mangold, Head of Sustainable Product Development during AUDI AG: “We’re holding another step closer to carbon-neutral mobility with a partners during Global Bioenergies. We are ancillary an innovative record here that can be used to furnish renewable fuel. This routine does not emanate foe with food prolongation and farmland.”

e-gasoline is partial of a altogether Audi e-fuels strategy. Audi is already handling a investigate trickery for a prolongation of e-ethanol and e-diesel with a partner Joule in Hobbs, New Mexico. The Audi e-gas plant in Werlte began feeding into a grid a few months ago. Synthetically constructed gas is used here to store electric over-abundance energy.

Thanks to a innovative powertrain technology, Audi also delivers low fuel expenditure total with a required expostulate systems. The company’s indication operation now includes 146 engine and delivery versions with CO₂ emissions of reduction than 140 grams per kilometer (225.31 g/mile); 62 engine and delivery versions are even underneath 120 grams CO2 per kilometer (193.12 g/mile). Eleven engine and delivery versions even evacuate usually 100 grams of CO2 or reduction per kilometer (160.93 g/mile).

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