Audi creates a successful start to 2013: Worldwide sales stand 16.3 percent

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“Although a ubiquitous mercantile conditions in certain European countries stays challenging, we’ve managed to grasp a really successful start to a year in all regions of a world,” says Luca de Meo, Member of a Board of Management for Sales and Marketing during AUDI AG. And: “Our renouned SUV models and a new A3 family will assistance to continue a settlement of expansion in 2013.”

In Jan 2013, around 37,678 business in China opted for a indication with a 4 rings – a 38.5 percent boost on a year ago. In 2012, a Chinese New Year celebrations fell in January, ensuing in fewer sales days due to a holidays; in 2013, a New Year celebrations will be hold in February. In Audi’s largest sales market, a locally constructed A4 L (+30.0 percent), Q5 (+55.1 percent) and A6 L models valid quite renouned final month. Around 13,657 business perceived their keys to a long-wheelbase luxury-class sedan (+52.9 percent).

Worldwide, a sales sum for a Audi midsize indication lines A4, A5 and Q5 posted clever expansion (around 50,800 units, an boost of 24.6 percent). Together with a A1 Sportback, only introduced about a year ago, and a Q3, this ensured that Audi also managed to means expansion in markets experiencing mercantile difficulties, notching adult an 8.6 percent boost via Europe. 

In Germany, sales of a renouned SUV Q5 rose by 70.1 percent to 1,553 units, while a A4 family augmenting by scarcely 2,100 units. Overall, Audi posted an boost of 11.8 percent in a domestic market, homogeneous to 14,611 automobiles sold. In a UK, too, Audi sole 9,878 units on a behind of poignant expansion of 15.3 percent – also due to augmenting direct for a midsize models. For example, deliveries of a A5 Sportback augmenting by 48.1 percent and those of a Q5 by 54.4 percent. Audi also achieved good in Jan in those markets where a ubiquitous mercantile conditions was already proof severe over a past few months. Demand for a models with a 4 rings in Spain rose by 8.6 percent to 2,754 units and in Italy by 3.9 percent to 3,767 units. In France, a association managed to say smoothness totals on a standard with a prior-year figure (4,011 units, +/-0 percent). In Eastern Europe, a markets continued to perform well, with Russia pushing growth. Audi managed to boost sales here by 19.8 percent, offered 1,725 units in total.

Also in a United States, a Ingolstadt-based carmaker’s sales sum for final month exceeded Jan 2012 deliveries – creation it a many successful start to a year in Audi’s US history: Audi augmenting a sales by 7.5 percent to 10,056 units. The midsize models also valid successful here, with US sales augmenting by around 13.6 percent year-on-year overall. Mexico (sales adult 48.6 percent) and Brazil (sales adult 25.0 percent) posted other poignant expansion rates in a America sales segment in January.

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