Audi meets conform during Berlin Fashion Trade Shows

Posted on 08. Jul, 2015 by in Audi Canada

For a second time, Audi is a partner of SEEK, Germany’s many on-going conform platform. During a show, teams from Audi and conform designers will be operative on opposite subjects, such as “emotionalization vs. technologization” and “modularity vs. functionality”. The formula of a teams will be displayed during a Audi mount for all visitors to see.

The sell between a designers will assistance Audi brand destiny trends in colors and materials, among other benefits. “Berlin for us is a German collateral of a conform stage and with SEEK a ideal place for interdisciplinary exchanges,” says Wayne Griffiths, Head of German Sales during AUDI AG.

That conform also advantages automotive pattern will be demonstrated by a Dutch FashionTech artist Anouk Wipprecht on Wednesday dusk in Audi City Berlin. She is famous for mixing conform and technology. Her new collection contains elements of a new Audi A4, including a diamond-shaped forms during a front finish and a shade perspective of a practical cockpit. Wipprecht’s conform creations also correlate with a display record of Audi City. For example, a dress can be probably projected over a floor-to-ceiling screens of a building. “As a pattern routine of a Audi A4 combined a new automobile from a silhouette, my dresses describe a story of an expansion wherein an initial judgment comes alive by elements of a car,” says Anouk Wipprecht.

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