Audi México: state-of-the-art record for tip quality

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Over a building area of 400 block meters (4,305.6 sq ft), employees of a P-Control core guard a prolongation of a new Audi Q5 in 3 shifts. For a initial time, this executive control hire combines 5 control consoles, that are mostly in apart places during other Audi prolongation sites – during a logistics and upkeep control consoles, for instance. “The centralized P-control hire is a many modernized in a Audi prolongation network, symbolizing a Audi Smart Factory,” says Prof. Dr. Hubert Waltl, Board Member for Production during AUDI AG. “The sum blueprint of particular interfaces enables effective, approach communication between a opposite control centers. This enables us to detect a smallest of deviations early on, and we are means to conflict quickly.” Another instance of how a reward manufacturer is pushing digitalization and networking during a plants was pronounced to be formed in a team-work among prolongation sites. Our colleagues in Ingolstadt can even benefit entrance to a control core of Audi México to offer technical support.

At a plant’s dedicated peculiarity laboratory, employees in Mexico safeguard that globally germane peculiarity standards are met for a new Audi Q5. “All tools bear a extended array of tests during the laboratory in San José Chiapa. This lets us perform reward Audi standards worldwide,” says Alfons Dintner, Chief Executive Officer of Audi México. Employees use state-of-the-art apparatus to exam either a lead or nonmetallic materials heed to a preferred properties. In a light studio, peculiarity declaration experts inspect interior tools for a new Audi Q5 underneath opposite lighting conditions, in a routine famous as “color matching.” Their design is to safeguard tone appears ideally unchanging in opposite materials. Audi México also has 3 master jigs. This is where particular automobile tools are fine-tuned regulating state-of-the-art pleasing and visual measuring equipment.

At a Audi Training Center, employees obtain a essential preparation for their pursuit activities in a P-Control core and peculiarity laboratory. The 20,000 block scale (215,278 sq ft) building for preparation and training is located right during a plant in San José Chiapa. All Audi México employees bear specialized training here that is precisely tailored to their after work in a plant. The training core facilities a same rarely modernized apparatus that is used during a plant. “In team-work with a Universidad Tecnológica de Puebla, we have combined a trickery where we can validate a Mexican employees to a tellurian Audi gift level. This is how we are optimally scheming Audi México for a hurdles of a future,” says Prof. h.c. Thomas Sigi, Board Member for Human Resources. Audi México now has a internal workforce of around 3,300 employees. This figure is approaching to grow to a sum of around 4,200.

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Audi Q5:
This car is not nonetheless on sale. It does not nonetheless have form capitulation and is therefore not theme to Directive 1999/94/EC.

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