Audi: some-more than 1.57 million deliveries in 2013

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A new all-time record for AUDI AG: In 2013, a association sole around 1,575,500 automobiles worldwide, 8.3 percent some-more than in 2012. The reward manufacturer’s sales so augmenting by some-more than 100,000 units for a fourth uninterrupted year. Major expansion drivers over a past year were Audi’s 3 biggest trade markets, all of that reported double-digit growth: with China adult 21.2 percent, a United States adult 13.5 percent, and a UK adult 14.9 percent. In Europe and China, a 4 rings again led a reward shred in 2013 as a top-selling brand. Audi resolved a year with a 18.4 percent expansion to around 130,700 tellurian deliveries in December, augmenting sales in all regions of a universe compared to a same month of 2012.

“We set an critical miracle for Audi in a past year: We achieved a middle vital idea of 1.5 million deliveries dual years progressing than planned, and in fact absolutely exceeded it,” says Rupert Stadler, Chairman of a Board of Management during AUDI AG: “This means that in a past 4 years alone, Audi has captivated some-more than 600,000 new customers.” Luca de Meo, Member of a Board of Management for Sales during AUDI AG, emphasizes a tellurian dimension of Audi’s performance: “Audi achieved new sales annals in some-more than 40 markets final year. In a United Kingdom, we became a heading reward code for a initial time.”

In 2013, expansion for Audi was accelerated by a success of a new A3 generation. The indication line’s sales sum climbed 18.6 percent to around 202,300 deliveries. The Sedan, a latest serve to a A3 family, went on sale in a initial markets in September. In China and a United States, a new era of a A3 will be launched from open 2014 on. The Q3, Q5 and Q7 SUV models also posted a clever boost in deliveries final year, with a Audi Q5 again clearly outselling a reward competitors. In total, Audi’s SUV sales grew by 23.8 percent to around 438,400 automobiles handed over to customers. Audi will serve enhance a choice of Q models in a entrance years.

In a United States, Audi’s sales augmenting final year opposite all models by 13.5 percent to 158,061 reward automobiles. Strongest expansion was achieved by a Q5, adult 40.8 percent, and a Q7 full-size SUV, sales of that accelerated by 45.1 percent. This year, a Q3 will join a SUV portfolio granted by Audi of America. As formerly in 2011 and 2012, Audi again pennyless new annals in a U.S. marketplace in each singular month of 2013, flitting a miracle of 150,000 deliveries for a initial time by a finish of a year. Since 2009, a association has augmenting a annual sales in a United States by some-more than 90 percent. Audi’s energetic opening in North America is also reliable by a sales sum for 2013 in Mexico, that is adult 23.5 percent to 11,712 units and creates Audi a series one manufacturer on a Mexican reward marketplace for a third year in a row.

In Europe, Audi sole around 732,300 automobiles in 2013 (-0.9 percent) and was again a best-selling reward code on a continent. With this result, business for a 4 rings was some-more strong than a altogether marketplace opening and usually somewhat next a record turn from 2012, when Audi achieved a best-ever sales in Europe. In a disastrous marketplace sourroundings in Germany, deliveries for 2013 also remained next a all-time record purebred in a prior year: AUDI AG delivered 250,025 automobiles to business in a home market, 5.0 percent reduction than 2012. Substantial expansion however was reported by Russia which modernized to turn Audi’s seventh-largest sales marketplace with 36,150 units (+7.9 percent) delivered. In a UK, 142,039 business were handed a keys to their new Audi, representing a expansion of 14.9 percent and imprinting a really special first: Audi became a top-selling reward code in a United Kingdom for a initial time in 2013, carrying doubled a sales in that marketplace within a duration of 10 years. In 2003, a sales sum for Audi UK was 70,107 automobiles. AUDI AG reliable a heading position in a reward shred in markets that have been generally influenced by a mercantile crisis: In Italy, where sales declined by 6.1 percent to 47,007 cars, in France, where a sum was down 8.3 percent to 57,012 deliveries, and in Spain (-3.2 percent to 34,977cars).

In China, Audi continues to extend a marketplace participation and simply kick a annual aim of offered some-more than 450,000 automobiles. Up until a finish of December, 491,989 Chinese business opted for an Audi, 21.2 percent some-more than in a prior year. This expansion was strengthened by a launch of a locally-built Q3 in April. 2013 saw 42,501 Chinese business turn a new owners of a Q3 compress SUV. Along with a large brother, a Q5, a dual many renouned sedan models from Audi also achieved double-digit growth: Sales of a A4 L augmenting by 20.0 percent to 120,450 automobiles, and sales of a A6 L by 15.3 percent to 153,163. In addition, AUDI AG serve stretched in 2013 a sought-after operation of high-performance models in China, with models such as a S6, a S7 Sportback and a RS 5 Cabriolet being introduced onto a market.

Audi further sealed a past year with a clearly certain sales opening in other critical markets of a Asia-Pacific region. In Japan, a association sole 28,735 cars, 20.1 percent some-more than in 2012. Growth in South Korea even reached 32.7 percent, with 20,031 new cars sold. Despite a formidable marketplace conditions in India, Audi sole 10,002 cars (+11.1 percent) there, apropos a initial reward code to cranky a threshold of 10,000 deliveries. Japan, South Korea and India are hence 3 of some-more than 40 markets in that a 4 rings set a new sales record in 2013.

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