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Faster and some-more efficient: The winning Audi R18 e-tron quattro of Loïc Duval/Tom Kristensen/Allan McNish (F/DK/GB) designated as automobile series ‘2’ done 34 array stops during Le Mans and compulsory 47 mins and 14.799 seconds for them. A accessible fuel tank ability of 58 liters theoretically done a limit of 1,972 liters of diesel fuel accessible during a stops. The series ‘8’ Toyota in second place of a competition compulsory 43 mins and 20.111 seconds for 30 stops but, due to a fuel tank ability of 76 liters, was means to refuel adult to 2,280 liters of gasoline. Audi was not usually faster though a whole competition automobile including a TDI powertrain was some-more fit as well.

Best efficiency: Audi not usually motionless a competition sequence in a preference during Le Mans though a efficiency index as well. Marc Gené/Lucas di Grassi/Oliver Jarvis (E/BR/GB) in automobile series ‘3’ won a Michelin Green X Challenge forward of Duval/Kristensen/McNish and a series ‘7’ Toyota.

A full dozen: Audi’s Le Mans entrance was in 1999, a patrol distinguished a first victory in 2000 and a twelfth in a 2013 season.  

Concentrated strength: No other code had ever before been as successful as Audi in such a brief duration of time. To date, a code has won twelve of a 15 runs. This corresponds to a win rate of 80 percent. Audi’s sister code Porsche has a sum of 16 altogether victories. These wins are widespread over a duration of 28 years between 1970 and 1998. In comprehensive numbers, Porsche has clinched 16 altogether victories during 63 starts.

Powerful performance: Audi engine technology even boasts a win rate of 86.7 percent during Le Mans given a V8 biturbo engine grown by Audi Sport powered a winning competition automobile of Audi’s sister code Bentley in 2003.

Strong team: Audi has achieved 10 of a twelve victories together with Reinhold Joest’s squad. The group formed in a Odenwald segment had been successful before to Audi’s entrance and has now clinched a 14th triumph during La Sarthe. Furthermore, in terms of personnel, Joest Racing played an instrumental purpose in Dauer Racing’s feat in 1994 and Bentley’s success in 2003.

Advantage extended: In 2005, Tom Kristensen, on clinching his seventh victory, overtook a six-time leader Jacky Ickx from Belgium on a all-time winners’ list. Now, a Dane has achieved his ninth success. From a round of a Le Mans drivers who are still active it’s his team-mate Allan McNish that trails him in this sequence with a sum of 3 victories. Statistically, Kristensen’s record can so be beaten in 2020 during a commencement – though for this to happen, McNish would have to sojourn active until his 50th year of age, win in all a years between now and then, and no longer run with Tom Kristensen …

13 trophies: With a lane record of 9 victories in 17 runs Tom Kristensen’s success rate during Le Mans amounts to 53 percent. In total, a Dane has been on a lectern 13 times to date. At 4 starts, his automobile did not finish. Thus, ‘Mister Le Mans’ never finished a competition in reduction than third place.

Large crowd: The 90th anniversary of a Le Mans 24 Hours was watched by 245,000 spectators on plcae – 5,000 some-more than a year before.  

20 from 9: The 9 Audi bureau drivers in a stream Le Mans choice after a many new success mix 20 victories in a epic continuation race.

Four times 30: For a 30th time a German manufacturer has won a continuation competition during La Sarthe. Loïc Duval is a 30th Frenchman who has motionless his home competition in his favor. Race cars with a sealed cockpit and turbocharged engines available their 30th feat as well.

29 trophies: Since 1999, Audi has clinched twelve first, 6 second and eleven third places – equating to 29 lectern positions.

Premiere: Loïc Duval done his debut in a lectern ranks. The Frenchman was on a Le Mans grid for a fifth time but, until 2013, had never finished in a tip three. On achieving his initial lectern he immediately took victory.

2 turns into 1: Car series ‘2’ won a Le Mans 24 Hours this year. The competition’s story had formerly seen a successive leader in automobile series ‘2’ 6 times, among them an Audi in 2008 and 2011.

Second victory: The Audi R18 e-tron quattro with chassis series ‘302’ formerly motionless a Silverstone 6 Hours in a preference and has now won a Le Mans 24 Hours.

Third victory: Audi has remained dominant in a initial three WEC races of a 2013 deteriorate during Silverstone, Spa and Le Mans.

Fourth victory: Including a success during a Sebring 12 Hours a Audi R18 has clinched a fourth sports automobile victory this year.

Eighth victory: For a eighth time given 2006 a competition automobile with diesel energy has won a Le Mans 24 Hours. Audi available 7 of these wins (R10 TDI: 3; R15 TDI: 1; R18 TDI: 1; R18 e-tron quattro: 2).

22nd victory: Michelin, Audi’s tire partner, has achieved a 22nd success on home ground.

64 tires: The winning series 2 Audi R18 e-tron quattro lonesome a stretch on 16 sets of tires. Individual sets of tires were used for adult to 4 stints.

Clear dominance: Whereas there were 19 competition leaders final year, there were usually 6 this year. On 344 laps of a 348 ones completed, Audi was using in front. From 21:47 – in other difference usually before a commencement of a eighth hour of a competition – series ‘2’ with Loïc Duval/Tom Kristensen/Allan McNish shielded a position during a front of a field.

Another ‘grand slam’ of motorsport: As in 2011 and 2012, Audi available a best time in qualifying, a fastest competition path and altogether victory during Le Mans.

New technologies: The digital inside counterpart with an AMOLED arrangement and a LED headlights with matrix-beam record and integrated cornering light are dual forward-thinking technologies in a Audi R18 e-tron quattro with a intensity of destiny use in prolongation automobiles.

Successive effect: Since 2010, Audi has won during La Sarthe four times in succession. Only between 2004 and 2008, a code was even some-more successful with a fibre of 5 wins.

Long neutralizations: Twelve times a reserve automobile took authority of a track. This amounted to a sum race stop of 5 hours and 27 minutes. The year before, a competition had usually been interrupted for 2:22 hours.

Short distance: These interruptions, total with a fluid weather, were a wilful reasons because a winners usually lonesome 348 laps this year. They proportion to a stretch of 4,742.892 kilometers and an normal speed of 197.446 km/h. Ever given Audi has been competing during Le Mans, these numbers were reduce usually once. Due to complicated sleet a competition stretch in 2001 was usually 4,367.2 kilometers for a winners Frank Biela/Tom Kristensen/Emanuele Pirro in a Audi R8.

Eight times on pole: Audi started from a top mark on a grid during Le Mans for a eighth time. Loïc Duval achieved a best time. In a race, André Lotterer gathering a fastest lap.  

High attainment rate: 42 of a 56 participants that had started a competition during Le Mans saw a finish line – in other difference accurately 3 buliding of a field. Last year, a retirement rate of 41 percent was aloft by 16 commission points. At Audi, a retirement rate was 0 percent, a same as final year. All 3 hybrid sports cars saw a finish.

The right choice: The many carefree French talents are rewarded with a Prix Jean Rondeau during Le Mans. In 2002, a endowment went to Benoît Tréluyer and in 2008 to Loïc Duval. Both subsequently became overall winners during Le Mans with Audi.

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