Audi Motorsport Newsletter 15/2016

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Molina in motorsport philharmonic during Budapest

In a NAGY FUTAM 2016 (Great Race) during Budapest, Audi motorist Miguel Molina presented himself to a Hungarian motorsport fans during tighten range. During some demo laps, a Spaniard gave an thought of a opening he is means of delivering in his RS 5 DTM. Molina regularly gunned a 460-hp engine of his competition automobile in a streets of a Hungarian collateral and with lots of fume and spinning tires tremendously anxious a crowd. The large-scale eventuality orderly by a Hungaroring captivated hundreds of thousands of spectators to a Danube riverwalk. In September, a Audi bureau motorist will be returning to Budapest – in rival conditions for a season’s penultimate DTM race.

Mike Rockenfeller meets with engineers of tomorrow

A day full of accumulation during Schaeffler: Mike Rockenfeller visited a Schaeffler Motorsport Academy in Herzogenaurach yesterday. The Audi bureau motorist intent in an sell with fans and Formula Student alumni and avidly sealed autographs. “Rocky,” who has been sporting Schaeffler’s colors ever given a 2012 DTM deteriorate and became DTM Champion a following year, answered a questions of a engineers of tomorrow during a row discussion.

Jamie Green’s racing fit to be auctioned

Bidding for a good cause: Audi Sport’s partner Hoffman Group will be auctioning a sealed racing fit of Jamie Green’s from May 2 to 12 on “eBay for Charity” for a advantage of a company’s possess foundation. The Hoffmann Group Foundation supports institutions that serve a growth of deprived and aggrieved children and teenagers. Jamie Green has been causing a stir in a DTM sporting a orange clothing of a apparatus dilettante for 3 years. In 2015, he finished a deteriorate as a best Audi driver.

Audi Sport TT Cup becomes even some-more international

The 2016 Audi Sport TT Cup is opening adult for serve markets. This year, not usually 16 permanent entrants from eleven countries are competing in a races of a one-make cup, though guest entrants from other nations will be on a grid as well. Four Cup cars will be accessible for them on any competition weekend. Their cockpits can be filled by Audi Sport dealerships around a creation with drivers that have racing experience. In addition, any of a rounds will embody 4 changing celebrities and journalists. The design is to position a Audi Sport TT Cup on an even some-more general scale.

A word from … Jamie Green

Audi motorist Jamie Green in an talk about his expectations for a 2016 DTM season, his goals for a deteriorate opener during Hockenheim subsequent week and a arriving birth of his third child.

The new DTM deteriorate will start subsequent weekend. Are we vehement or is it only “business as usual?”

A small bit of both. I’ve been racing in a DTM for many years, so a conditions isn’t new for me. But a deteriorate opener is always sparkling since after a prolonged winter mangle we don’t know nonetheless where we mount in terms of performance.

The DTM sequence makers have finished a lot to emanate change in a field. What can a fans expect?

I consider there’ll be some-more intermixing of a brands. Last year, some of a races were dominated by a singular manufacturer due to a allocation of a additional weights. In other races, another one would advantage from a weight distribution. we trust this year a relations strengths are no longer going to change as most from competition to race.

There have been other sequence changes done for this season. What effects, for example, will a reduction of DRS use have?

The problem final deteriorate was that a chasers were means to use DRS via a competition in sequence to stay on a heels of a motorist in front. That done it formidable to lift transparent of a automobile chasing you. The reduction now creates a competition fairer.

Let’s change a subject. You’re awaiting a attainment of your third child. Any news you’d like to share about this?

I’m intensively scheming for a deteriorate opener, though a arriving birth of a baby is constantly in a behind of my mind. we was benefaction during a birth of my initial children, though this time a due date falls on a Hockenheim weekend. We’re anticipating for it to maybe occur a small earlier. If not, a devise is for me to stay during Hockenheim.

What’s your idea for a deteriorate opener?

Last year, we won a initial and a final competition during Hockenheim. It would be good if we could repeat that.

Coming adult subsequent week

03/05 perfume (D), press conference, 24-hour competition Nürburgring
03–04/05 Fuji (J), turn 2, Super GT
05–07/05 Spa (B), round, 2 WEC
06–08/05 Hockenheim (D), rounds 1 and 2, DTM
06–07/05 Zandvoort (NL), turn 4, International Endurance Series, 12-hour race
06-08/05 Perth (AUS), turn 3, Australian GT Championship
07–08/05 Brands Hatch (GB), turn 2, Blancpain GT Series Sprint Cup
07.–08.05. Brands Hatch (GB), turn 2, Blancpain GT Sports Club
07.–08.05. Falperra (E), turn 3, Spanish Hillclimb Championship
07.–08.05. Brands Hatch (GB), turn 2, GT Cup Championship

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