Audi Motorsport Newsletter 31/2016

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A word from … Lucas di Grassi

As Brazilian, we are a usually Audi motorist from an American country. The FIA WEC creates a entrance shortly in Mexico, where we have already raced in another array this year. What are we awaiting from subsequent weekend?

We were in Mexico with a FIA Formula E in March. The eventuality was only amazing. There were an outrageous volume of spectators, though we consider that even some-more spectators will be there for a FIA WEC. However, it’s not only about a perfect numbers. The fans are intensely enthusiastic. The Mexicans adore motorsport and are looking brazen to a WEC, in that a Mexican group also competes. The spectators move a outrageous volume of appetite with them to this race. I’m certain that we’ll have an memorable weekend together with them. And we also wish to prerogative them with a good race.

What’s special about a track?

The zone by a lane is unique. It’s unimaginable for us drivers to competition by such a fabulously built witness backdrop. we design there to be many sparkling maneuvers in a race, that will stir a fans. With a difference of one dilemma and a array lane, a circuit is however totally opposite to a Formula E line we used 6 months ago. We use a whole trickery and competition on a 4.3 kilometer prolonged version. At one indicate we strech around 300 km/h.

What will be a biggest plea in Mexico?

The line is during an altitude of roughly 2,300 meters. This alone creates it a plea for a technicians since a atmosphere is many thinner. The aerodynamics, engine energy and a cooling complement are influenced a most. It will also be physically some-more perfectionist for us drivers. Even so, I’m unequivocally looking brazen to a entrance in Mexico.

Coming adult subsequent week

02–04/09 Mexiko (MEX), turn 5, FIA WEC
03/09 Nürburgring (D), turn 7, VLN
02–03/09 Zolder (B), rounds 11 and 12, DMV GTC
02–04/09 Barcelona (E), turn 6, International Endurance Series, 24-hour race
02–04/09 Sepang (MAL), turn 3, Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup
02–04/09 Shanghai (CN), rounds 9 and 10, GT Asia

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