Audi Motorsport Newsletter 32/2016

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A word from … Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich

Halfway by a FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) deteriorate in Mexico Audi demonstrated good speed once more, though unsuccessful to reap a approaching reward. How do we rate a team’s performance?

There were performances that were simply sensational. Pole position was a good commencement and all 5 drivers were unequivocally clever in a competition – in a duels, in lapping on a slight lane and, finally, a sleet done for formidable conditions. The team, too, did a top-class pursuit and done a confidant tire choice in fanciful continue conditions that paid off. So, there are copiousness of reasons for praise, as good as for self-criticism. We deprived ourselves of improved formula in Mexico given a trustworthiness simply wasn’t right.

What does a outcome meant for a championship?

Lucas di Grassi, Loïc Duval and Oliver Jarvis continue to be a best-placed drivers. However, they forsaken from second to third place and are now trailing a best Toyota drivers by dual and a half points. 43.5 points apart them from a tip of a standings. In a remaining 4 rounds, 104 points are nonetheless to be awarded. In second place of a manufacturers’ championship, we’re brief 43 points of a tip spot, with 176 points nonetheless to be awarded. The championship continues to be a goal.

Your aims for a subsequent races?

At Austin, we’ve won twice given 2013. We’d like to build on that. It’s also good that, following Le Mans, we’ve been saying intensely stirring battles. We’re going to leave no mill unturned to keep it that way, to continue to extend a intensity and to recover a reliability.

Coming adult subsequent week
08–11/09 Bira (THA), races 5 and 6, Thailand Super Series
09–11/09 Nürburgring (D), races 13 and 14, DTM
09–11/09 Vallelunga (I), races 9 and 10, Italian GT Championship
09–11/09 Phillip Island (AUS), turn 5, Australian GT Trophy Series
10–11/09 Red Bull Ring (A), races 9 and 10, GT Open
10–11/09 Ordino-Arcalís (AND), turn 7, Spanish Hillclimb Championship
10–11/09 Donington (GB), turn 9, British GT Championship
10–11/09 Silverstone (GB), turn 7, GT Cup Championship

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