Audi Motorsport Newsletter 39/2016

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Impressive entrance of a Audi RS 3 LMS 

The new Audi RS 3 LMS has left a crafty sense in a initial race. In a culmination of a VLN Endurance Championship during a Nürburgring, Jordi Gené/Kelvin outpost der Linde and Rahel Frey/Christopher Haase finished in positions 17 and 22 altogether in a margin of 140 entrants. Consequently, a dual Audi RS 3 LMS were a best cars in a TCR furloughed automobile category. “The formula were of delegate significance in this exam run,” says Chris Reinke, Head of Audi Sport patron racing. “Far some-more critical was a fact that both cars finished though any technical issues and that a drivers felt gentle in formidable conditions. The successful exam run on a Nordschleife was an critical miracle in a growth of a new Audi RS 3 LMS, with deliveries of a automobile commencement before a year is out.” The exam run in a VLN culmination had been preceded by several days of contrast on a Italian foe marks during Adria and Vallelunga.

Win and vice-championship pretension in GT Asia Series

Phoenix Racing Asia done an considerable entrance in a 2016 season. This year, Ernst Moser’s outfit contested a GT Asia Series, a many critical Asian sports automobile championship, for a initial time. In a culmination during Shanghai, Alex Yoong and his teammate Alex Au in their Audi R8 LMS clinched a win from stick position in a initial feverishness of a finale. In a second and final round, their teammates Marchy Lee and Shaun Thong finished runners-up. With that outcome Lee and Thong, a dual drivers from Hong Kong, became a new vice-champions in a drivers’ classification. Overall feat went to Edoardo Liberati and Andrea Amici. In addition, Audi motorist Shaun Thong clinched a Pro Am Cup win.

Victory in VLN deteriorate finale 

Christopher Mies and Connor de Phillippi have won a deteriorate culmination of a VLN Endurance Championship Nürburgring. The dual drivers of Team Montaplast by Land-Motorsport claimed altogether feat with a transparent advantage of 2m 44.418s. In their Audi R8 LMS, they primarily started a four-hour foe on a soppy lane on sleet tires. When a clouds pennyless adult after 1.5 hours and a object dusty off a track, their competitors switched to slicks too early. The racing group from Niederdreisbach continued to rest on form tires and achieved path times that were adult to 4 seconds faster. That was a pivotal to victory. With a tactically crafty tire plan Mies/de Phillippi in a finish distinguished their third win in a 2016 season. In addition, they won a VLN Speed Trophy awarded to a best team. 

Audi patron group triumphs in South America

AC Racing distinguished altogether feat in a Lima 200-km foe (“Los 200 km de Lima”). Enrique Arriola and Ricardo Dasso gathering their Audi R8 LMS ultra to an undisguised win after 83 laps. The foe was hold during a Autódromo La Chutana situated in considerable towering view 50 kilometers south of a Peruvian collateral Lima.

A word from … Joonas Lappalainen

He is a new 2016 Audi Sport TT Cup titleholder. Joonas Lappalainen stood on a lectern 11 times in 14 races, and distinguished 4 wins. The 18-year-old foe motorist from Helsinki was a widespread motorist in a second deteriorate of a Audi one-make cup.

Joonas Lappalainen, a youngest motorist on a grid and an altogether fourth in 2015. The 2016 Audi Sport TT Cup pretension delight followed usually one year later. What was a pivotal to success?

When we started in a initial year of a Audi Sport TT Cup in 2015, all was apparently really new for me. In a initial half of a season, we had to get used to it all and get a feel for a automobile and a foe tracks. we usually got better, and 4 lectern spots as good as dual victories set me adult good for a 2016 season. This deteriorate a tough work paid off. In 14 races, we stood on a lectern 11 times. we was a many unchanging motorist – in a finish that was clearly a pivotal to my success.

You were also one of usually 3 drivers to finish any race. Could it be pronounced that we are tactically higher to your competition?

I have been cleverer in some situations. You can’t usually go prosaic out all a proceed to victory, though rather we contingency be means to calculate. Take, for example, a initial foe in a second revisit to a Nürburgring. Until a final laps Dennis Marschall and Sheldon outpost der Linde fought any other for victory. In a end, a wheel-to-wheel duel cost them a lectern spot. we profited from this and won a race. Sometimes we usually have to error on a side of counsel and make a right decisions to turn champion. Ultimately, it’s a altogether total of points that counts.

Before a deteriorate showdown during Hockenheim, a pretension had not nonetheless been decided. Yet we stayed cool. How did we proceed a final weekend during a Hockenheimring?

Dennis Marschall’s double feat in Budapest done a deteriorate culmination sparkling once more. But we knew that we had a event to get a good outcome in qualifying. In 2015, we started on a front quarrel twice and that gave me confidence. When we won a initial foe and so usually had to strech a finish line on Sunday to win a title, we was certain that a climax was not going to be taken from me. 

Are there still things that we wish to urge on?

Of course. There will always be things that we can do better. we didn’t always have a gait that we would have hoped for. On a automobile setup, we didn’t take any risks and so in some instances we was a few tenths slower than a competition. we would like to have even improved demonstrated my intensity speed.

What are your skeleton for 2017 and your subsequent stairs in motorsport?

It’s still formidable to contend during a moment. First, we wish to suffer my delight in a 2016 Audi Sport TT Cup. My wish would be to benefit a foothold in Audi Sport patron racing. Whether in a new RS 3 LMS or a Audi R8 LMS, we would like to be given a possibility to do a tests for both cars.

Coming adult subsequent week

26/10 René Rast’s 30th birthday
28–30/10 Hampton Downs (NZ), turn 3, Australian Endurance Championship
29–30/10 Zhuhai (CN), turn 1, Asian Le Mans Series

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