Audi Motorsport Newsletter 40/2016

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Audi’s partner Castrol visits Neuburg

Guests of Audi’s partner Castrol were treated to a really special journey during their revisit to a Audi pushing knowledge core in Neuburg. The organisation of some 160 visitors met with DTM drivers Timo Scheider and Edoardo Mortara there who offering them opportunities to float in a Audi R8 racing taxi. In addition, with superintendence supposing by Audi instructors, they took partial in a motorist reserve training eventuality and were taken on a debate of a Motorsport Competence Center.

International talents request for 2017 Audi Sport TT Cup

The 2017 Audi Sport TT Cup is on a horizon. After a second deteriorate in Audi’s one-make crater has finished and a new champion, Joonas Lappalainen, has been determined, a general talent hunt for a entrance year is already in full swing. More than 80 immature talents from 18 countries have practical to date. “The peculiarity of a field is really promising,” says Project Leader Philipp Mondelaers. “We have again perceived countless general inquiries, including from Asia, Australia and a United States.” The initial analysis eventuality in Groß Dölln has already taken place. It will be followed by others during a Audi Motorsport Competence Center in Neuburg an der Donau. For a eventuality on Nov 26, openings are still available. The registration form for a 2017 Audi Sport TT Cup 2017 can be performed online:

A word from … Mike Rockenfeller

Mike Rockenfeller celebrates his 33rd birthday on Monday. Last Friday, he sat during a circle of an Audi exam automobile for a 2017 DTM season.

How did a exam during Oschersleben go?

It was really engaging for me to expostulate for a initial time a opposite tire compounds, that we can select from in a 2017 season. The automobile was also not a same as a ones we gathering during a deteriorate finale, though in fact a hybrid. It still wasn’t a final automobile for a 2017 season, though it had several things for subsequent year. It was really intriguing to see how a tires and a automobile behaved. Oschersleben is also a good circuit where we can be tough on a element – this is really critical during this theatre since it involves contrast a trustworthiness of a new components and to recover a tools for competition. In my opinion it was a really good test.

Is a DTM building in a right direction?

Basically yes. The tire is definitely going in a right direction, if it comes like this. The automobile will also be some-more interesting. But a tire will make a biggest difference. Driving but pre-heated tires is also a new plea in a DTM, that we already know from other racing series’ and that will make a large difference. There are many new hurdles for subsequent year, that in my opinion will safeguard that a DTM evolves positively.

What’s it like to expostulate a DTM automobile but pre-heated tires?

It was apparently really cold during this time of year in Oschersleben. You have to be really discreet on a initial trail out of a pits. On a other palm we have to pull immediately in a race. The pretence will be to find a change between creation no mistakes and not losing too most time.

After 3 years in an roughly unvaried automobile there is copiousness of growth work on a bulletin over a entrance winter with a inheritor to a Audi RS 5 DTM. Are we looking brazen to this?

Absolutely, this is an sparkling phase. Since a repudiation of a choice tire, there were indeed no other changes in a DTM. During a winter it was usually fact work. Now there is another large step and some-more room to maneuver. This is always interesting, since a motorist will pierce some-more into a limelight in a DTM subsequent year.

It is now central that usually 18 instead of 24 cars will competition in 2017. Do we perspective this indicate as disastrous as some of a media?

Not during all. Of course, each motorist and each fan wants as many cars as probable on a grid. But we consider a concentration in a races is anyway on a tip third. It’s essential that a races are sparkling with many overtaking maneuvers and a cars are fascinating. And in these aspects a DTM is on a right path.

Coming adult subsequent week

31/10 Mike Rockenfeller 33rd birthday
04–06/11 Shanghai (CN), turn 8, WEC
05–06/11 Barcelona (E), races 13 and 14, GT Open
05–06/11 Estoril (P), turn 7, V de V Endurance Series
04–05/11 Shanghai (CN), races 11 and 12, Audi R8 LMS Cup

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