Audi Motorsport Newsletter 41/2016

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Yoong achieves pretension shawl pretence in a Audi R8 LMS Cup

Alex Yoong (Audi TEDA Racing Team) from Malaysia crowned himself Audi R8 LMS Cup Champion for a third time in a row. As a result, a pretension in Audi’s initial one-make crater went to Phoenix Racing Asia for a initial time. The deteriorate culmination during Shanghai could not have been some-more dramatic. In a initial race, Yoong finished second behind foe leader Martin Rump from Estonia and forward of Belgian Alessio Picariello. At this point, Yoong had a one-point advantage over Picariello in a standings. In a final race, it was once again Rump who emerged victorious, while Yoong late after a collision with Picariello. The stewards of a assembly retroactively imposed a 30-second chastisement opposite Picariello. Consequently, Picariello slipped out of a points and Yoong won a title.

The joys of fatherhood for René Rast

Audi motorist René Rast is unapproachable of a birth of his son. His partner, Diana, brought a pair’s initial child into a universe on Oct 28. Liam James weighs 3,100 grams and is 50 centimeters tall. Both mom and son are doing well. Audi Sport sends congratulations to a new parents.

Team Rosberg thrills children during “Orange House”

Audi Sport Team Rosberg paid a visit, including an disdainful array stop demonstration, to “Orange House” in Peissenberg, Upper Bavaria, a therapy and creativity core that has been building and using programs for children and girl in formidable family resources given 2010. The strike between a group and a core had been determined by a Hoffmann Group, their corner partner. “It was good to see how many fun a children had,” eager Team Director Arno Zensen, announcing that: “We’ll unequivocally be behind subsequent year.” In addition, a lapse revisit by a immature people to a foe is designed for a new DTM season.

A word from … Alex Yoong

Congratulations on winning your third uninterrupted pretension in a Audi R8 LMS Cup! How formidable was clinching it?

My initial pretension in 2014 was unequivocally special. All 3 championships were hard-fought ones, yet this year, a foe was even some-more heated than before. Many times, there’d be 10 or eleven cars within a second of any other and we couldn’t means to make a singular mistake. It was good to see dual young, unequivocally quick drivers – Alessio Picariello and Martin Rump – settle themselves among a front runners in a Audi R8 LMS Cup. They lifted a bar and all of us had to respond accordingly. Our culmination during Shanghai was intensely thrilling. we entered a final foe with usually a one-point advantage. Following a reserve automobile period, Alessio Picariello launched an attack. Had we been in his situation, we competence have ventured a matching assault. Unfortunately, he strike my automobile and we retired. Afterwards, he perceived a penalty. As a result, we won a pretension with a one-point advantage due to an armchair decision, even yet I’d have elite winning it on track.

This year, a new era of a Audi R8 LMS was fielded in a Cup for a initial time. How does a new automobile feel?

It’s even some-more fun than a predecessor. It’s a successful evolution. The brakes are better, a delivery is some-more precise, aerodynamics is some-more fit and downforce higher. The approach it handles roughly reminds me a small of a single-seater foe car. 

You won a foe any in Thailand, Malaysia and in Korea. Which success was a many critical one for we this year?

My initial feat in Thailand. The Audi R8 LMS Cup manners embody counterbalance weight being combined following a prior success. we acted tactically in a Shanghai deteriorate opener in sequence to start a second foe weekend in Thailand but ballast. That paid off given we were on a hurl ever given a Thailand weekend.

What are a hallmarks of a Audi R8 LMS Cup that has been environment standards with countless ideas in Asia?

We broach stirring races to a spectators. Interest, quite in amicable networks, is huge. The foe cars are glorious and positively identical. Nobody can protest about being disadvantaged. That’s unequivocally critical in a one-make crater and a Audi R8 LMS Cup is arguably a world’s fastest GT one-make series. we unequivocally suffer racing for a Audi brand.

Coming adult subsequent week

10/11 Timo Scheider’s 38th birthday
11–12/11 Highlands Motorsport Park (NZ), turn 6, Australian GT Championship
12–13/11 Motegi (J), Super GT
12/11 Marrakesch (MA), turn 2, FIA Formula E
13/11 Highlands Motorsport Park (NZ), turn 4, Australian Endurance Championship

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