Audi on second and third rows during Spa

Posted on 07. May, 2016 by in Audi Canada

The second subordinate event of a deteriorate went anything yet ideally for Audi. A opposition slowed André Lotterer (D) on his initial lap. “It happened during a commencement of my initial outing, that we stopped as a result,” a German said. “My second path was improved even yet we was rather slowed by understeer.” He managed environment a third-best singular time in a margin and a best path of an Audi driver. Following a red flag, Marcel Fässler (CH) took over a series “7” Audi R18. “I stopped my initial path after a back got too light for me during one stage,” a Swiss said. “Later, in a quick Blanchimont corner, we mislaid some downforce behind dual rivals and, to tip it off, done a braking mistake in front of a chicane.” Consequently, a contingent had to settle for grid position six.

In a series “8” sister car, Oliver Jarvis (GB) started qualifying. “My path was okay, yet positively not anything special,” a Briton pronounced afterwards. “Considering a fact that we didn’t expostulate a lot of kilometers in a giveaway use sessions, a time was okay.” Loïc Duval (F) subsequently took over a Audi R18 and reduced a opening to a third-placed automobile in front to 18 thousands of a second. “Obviously, a intensity on used tires during a finish was limited. However, it wouldn’t have taken a lot some-more for Audi to have been a second-strongest force in a margin trailing Porsche,” pronounced a Frenchman. In a end, series “8” achieved position 4 on a grid. 

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