Audi opens new, rarely fit paint shop

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Approximately 200 employees work in a new paint emporium in three‑shift operation, upheld by 54 painting robots, 36 handling robots and eight cleaning robots. Start of construction of a new hall, that is 324 meters long, 36 meters far-reaching and 32 meters high (1,063 x 118 x 105 ft.), was in April 2014. Installation of apparatus started in March 2015 and a topping‑out rite was in July. Series operation began in spring 2016 after a construction duration of usually two years. At present, 650 car bodies are embellished there any day; a limit daily ability of approximately 900 cars per day is to be achieved by a finish of a year. The models Audi A4 and A5 are now embellished in a new paint shop, after to be followed by a Audi A3 and Q2.

The new paint emporium is one of a many environmentally accessible in a world, ensuing from state‑of‑the‑art technologies such as atmosphere recirculation, dry subdivision and empty atmosphere cleaning. These measures concede a poignant rebate in a use of resources, so that heating appetite and H2O expenditure per automobile are reduced by 20 percent. Air recirculation also helps to revoke CO₂‑emissions per embellished automobile by 30 percent, while a cleaning of empty atmosphere reduces emissions of flighty organic compounds (VOCs) by 90 percent. Prof. Dr. Hubert Waltl, Member of a Board of Management of AUDI AG for Production and Logistics, stated: “Sustainable operations have high priority during Audi. That’s because we are ceaselessly serve building a prolongation technologies. This is a usually approach for us to live adult to a high final in terms of quality, environmental harmony and appetite efficiency. With a construction of a new paint shop, we placed good significance on high standards of apparatus potency and ecology.”

“The member of a Works Council campaigned for this new paint shop. It is an investment in a destiny and so a serve joining by a association to a categorical Audi plant in Ingolstadt,” pronounced Peter Mosch. The Chairman of a Group Works Council of AUDI AG believes a ergonomic pattern of workplaces in a new paint emporium shows that technological swell and benevolent operative conditions are not paradoxical aims.

The new topcoat indicate line‑in a north of a plant site also introduces state‑of‑the‑art portrayal record during Audi: Paint‑application apparatus with drudge record and electrostatic high‑speed revolution mist guns lift out a portrayal routine entirely automatically. With a so‑called bell‑bell method, paint is practical usually electrostatically, so achieving aloft efficiency. In multiple with dry separation, this also advantages a environment. Five‑percent reduction rubbish (paint sludge) is combined for any automobile that is painted.

The finish topcoat portrayal routine for an Audi model lasts about three hours. The automobile bodies pass by three stations for a focus of filler, basecoat and transparent paint. After any step of a process, a embellished automobile bodies pass by a drier. Audi places good significance on potency also with this equipment: The appetite compulsory for a consistent heat in a drier cabins is optimally practiced to a series of automobile bodies to be dried. Hot atmosphere passes by special atmosphere vents indicating towards a automobile bodies.

The new topcoat line is also a serve member of a entirely connected intelligent bureau of a future, a smart factory. For example, a big‑data robot measures a embellished automobiles during some-more than 100 measuring points. Employees use a information on peculiarity collected in this approach to review with existent routine data. This comparison helps to forestall probable prolongation flaws in a electronic peculiarity process, with support from an electronic peculiarity inspection. For this purpose, touchscreen clients are used that work like tablets and yield a employees with a collated information in approach and surreptitious areas. This means that all of a departments concerned in a prolongation routine are connected and can work with a latest data.

Audi places good significance on a ergonomic pattern of workplaces. For example, height‑adjustable platforms in a new paint emporium concede an optimal operative environment. Handling inclination such as lifting aids for a automobile hood and tailgate support a employees in a operative process. Another new underline is a workman circuit belt, that carries a employees when they are operative directly on a automobile bodies. Instead of regulating still apparatus stations, equipment such as polishing machines and pulp are always within strech in a trolley carried subsequent to them.

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