Audi commander project: Pay for parking wirelessly in Ingolstadt

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• Cars promulgate information wirelessly with a parking lot barrier
• Up to 13,000 drivers in Ingolstadt are now participating in a commander project
• From a finish of 2013, “Audi bond wireless payment” will be accessible to everyone

Audi is fluctuating a Audi bond services, so serve compelling networking between car, motorist and infrastructure. The hearing proviso for “Audi bond wireless payment” is now removing underway in Ingolstadt. The resolution allows drivers to conveniently compensate for parking from their car.

It tends to be a tiny tasks that means a biggest nuisance on a daily basement – a unwieldy charge of profitable for parking, for instance: Developers were discontented that drivers have to firstly collect a parking ticket, and afterwards go looking for a sheet appurtenance later.

The new “Audi bond wireless payment” preference use can now yield a resolution to this problem. In a wide-ranging commander that is now being launched in Ingolstadt, a new record will initial be tested and a acceptance of a use proven in use over a subsequent few months. Up to 13,000 cars will participate. The aim is to confederate wireless remuneration as an Audi bond use in a automobile in a future, along a lines of a customer-friendly navigation use with Google Earth and Google Street View that is already accessible now.

During a hearing phase, a parking comforts and a automobile promulgate with any other around an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) transmitter. For this purpose, a wireless transponder is mounted on a inside of a automobile windshield. The parking lot user contingency register for a use once around an online portal regulating a car’s conductor number.

The Ingolstadt Economic Development Agency (IFG Ingolstadt) provides this service. It operates 9 parking lots and subterraneous parking garages in a city, with a sum of 6,200 spaces and 21 entrances and exits.

The hearing participants will accept a monthly check from IFG detailing any parking charges incurred. The volume is afterwards debited from a user’s comment by means of a approach withdraw mandate.

All Audi employees who franchise a new automobile in a entrance months are means to attend during a start of a trial. When a automobile is handed over, they accept a “Audi bond wireless remuneration starter kit”, including a wireless tag. All parking lot users in Ingolstadt will be means to reap a advantages of a new complement by a finish of this year.

Audi continues to work on car-to-X communication

The reward code Audi is committed to constantly expanding a operation of services accessible to business and to building additional innovative services in a future. Audi bond denotes all services and applications that bond Audi models to their driver, a infrastructure and other cars. The whole indication operation also offers countless web-based services.

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