Audi presents latest lighting record during a IAA in Frankfurt

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As a heading code in automotive lighting technology, Audi has evenly grown all aspects of OLED record over a years. Matrix OLED lights mix high‑tech engineering and pattern ideally – initial projects are now underway to exercise OLED technology in prolongation tail lights. They are being shown for a initial time in a judgment automobile during a IAA.

OLED is an English acronym for “organic light emitting diode.” In any OLED unit, two electrodes – of that during slightest one contingency be pure – incorporate countless skinny layers of organic semiconductor materials. A low DC voltage – between 3 and four volts – activates a layers, any of that is reduction than one‑thousandth of a millimeter thick, to light them. The tone is formed on a molecular combination of a light source.

In contrariety to indicate light sources – such as LEDs – that are done of semiconductor crystals, OLEDs are prosaic light sources. Their light attains a new spin of homogeneity, and a dimming is invariably variable. The lights do not expel any shadows and do not need any reflectors, light guides or identical visual components – and this creates a OLED units fit and lightweight. In addition, they frequency need any cooling.

Progress in OLED technology is being done quick – in partial due to a pushing force of Audi. As shortly as serve increases in light firmness are realized, OLEDs will shortly be means to beget spin vigilance and stop lights too. The skinny potion sheets that are used currently to encase a organic element will be transposed by cosmetic films. These new stretchable substrate materials will lend themselves to three‑dimensional forming, and this will open adult wholly new artistic spaces for designers.

Audi has already shown a intensity of OLED technology in many models and demonstrators. Special highlights are “OLED lighting” with transparent, multi-colored OLEDs in a conformation of a automobile and “the swarm” with a three-dimensional OLED display.

Another advantage of OLEDs: They can be subdivided into tiny segments that can be tranquil during opposite liughtness levels. In addition, opposite colors and pure OLED units will be possible. This enables new lighting scenarios with intensely quick switchover times. The bright sub-surfaces vaunt really accurate bounds with one another. This is what distinguishes OLED record during Audi, transforming it into a Audi Matrix OLED technology that supplements Audi Matrix LED and Matrix Laser technologies for headlights.

More information on Audi lighting record is accessible during a Audi Media Center: “Audi destiny lab: lighting tech and design”.

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