Audi prolongation in Münchsmünster is picking adult speed

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“The components that we are prolongation in Münchsmünster are assisting us to ideal a systematic lightweight construction,” explains Audi Production Board Member Prof. Dr. Hubert Waltl. The hot‑stamped piece steel components and aluminum die‑cast tools outcome in reduce weight components while progressing a same strength and top precision. “This is a vital writer to shortening weight in a new Audi Q7, that is adult to 325 kilograms (716.5 lb) lighter than a predecessor. Production during a Münchsmünster site is synonymous with ultramodern, cutting‑edge technology,” says Waltl.

Currently some-more than 500 employees are operative a dual or three‑shift complement for Audi during a Münchsmünster site. From a finish of 2015, all prolongation areas will furnish components on a three‑shift basis. Peter Mosch, Chairman of a General Works Council of AUDI AG, sees a unchanging enlargement of a Münchsmünster prolongation site as a transparent joining to a Ingolstadt region. “This is a home of Vorsprung durch Technik and where we need to continue to combine a four‑ring expertise,” pronounced Mr. Mosch. He stressed that a right infrastructure is only as critical as a enlargement itself.

At a finish of 2013, Audi started operations during a competence center on essentially 31 hectares in a Münchsmünster Industrial Park for a prolongation of aluminum die‑cast constructional physique parts, hot‑ and cold‑formed pressed parts and chassis components. The vehicle manufacturer invested a low triple‑digit million euro figure in a site. Production is now picking adult speed:

On a ultramodern machine of a aluminum die‑casting foundry, prolongation is being ramped adult rapidly. More than 30,000 structural components have already been constructed in 2015, including a joining component between a sill/side member and a cessation rigging mountain for a Q7 successor as good as a cessation strut supports for a next-generation Audi A4. The sum volume should strech approximately 200,000 parts by a finish of a year.

In a press shop, Audi is now installing a entirely programmed laser system. For this purpose, a association has polished mature press technologies for a hot‑forming methods used here. The “laser park” will be entirely organic in a fall. In total, this Audi site produces 40 different pressed parts, such as side members, and a tunnel bridge for a new Audi A4.

So distant this year, Audi has constructed 1.38 million customary tools in a chassis component production facility. By a finish of a year this figure should strech 4.6 million parts, consisting of wheel hubs, swivel bearings, brake disks and hub carriers essentially for a Audi A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Audi Q5 and Q7. Audi’s special area of imagination is machining operations. The premium manufacturer is now building a second wheel hub line that will be means to furnish 100 percent of all circle hubs during a Münchsmünster site in a future.

The advantages of a 48.2‑hectare site in Münchsmünster embody a vicinity to a categorical plant and good ride connectors around a B 16 and B 16a sovereign highways. A rail couple to a Ingolstadt‑Regensburg categorical railway line is designed for 2017.

Audi is committed to environmental insurance and sustainability: For instance, a association recovers a appetite and feverishness in all prolongation areas and uses state-of-the‑art used air purification systems, rubbish H2O diagnosis systems and noise insulation. Since 1997, a European Union’s harsh Eco‑Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) has been a environmental yardstick during a Ingolstadt site. Production in Münchsmünster was successfully certified in suitability with EMAS for a initial time in 2015. 

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