Audi publishes the initial Corporate Responsibility Report

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“We will figure particular mobility and a association so that they accommodate a difficult mandate of sustainability,” emphasized Rupert Stadler, Chairman of a Board of Management of AUDI AG. Sustainability in processes and products are therefore resolutely determined as a elemental design during Audi. “We are assured that we will usually grasp postulated success as a outcome of obliged actions,” settled Dr. Peter F. Tropschuh, Head of Corporate Responsibility.

The Corporate Responsibility Report provides sum of a specific targets, activities and pivotal total in suitability with a general standards of a Global Reporting Initiative. The reward code prepared a corporate shortcoming module following an sell of opinions with seductiveness groups and employees. This fact is clearly reflected in a sustainability report: An introduction from stakeholders precedes a particular chapters, that understanding with a topics of product, environment, employees, multitude and operations.

The concentration of Audi’s joining to corporate shortcoming is in a core business: For example, a sign of “Vorsprung durch Technik” relates above all to a sustainability of a products. Audi has a long-term idea of achieving CO2-neutral mobility. The major design in a margin of product expansion is to usually revoke CO2 emissions. Each new indication should have significantly revoke fuel expenditure than a prototype and so also revoke CO2 emissions. Already today, Audi reserve 112 indication versions with CO2 emissions of rebate than 140 grams per kilometer and 41 models with rebate than 120 grams of CO2 per kilometer. The association places priority on holding a holistic approach: Audi analyzes a environmental impact of a products over their whole lifecycle – from a prolongation of tender materials to prolongation to pushing to recycling. With acceptance of environmental impact, Audi will denote for any new indication array a improvements in this honour compared with their predecessors. The fuel supply sequence is also applicable for a holistic analysis: Audi is behaving pioneering work on a expansion of regenerative, climate-neutral fuels. The reward code is now putting a world’s initial industrial-scale power-to-gas plant into operation in Werlte in Germany’s Emsland region. At this plant, Audi will use CO2 and regenerative electricity to furnish e-gas, preferably from over-abundance breeze energy. This fake methane can be fed directly into a healthy gas network and granted by natural-gas stuffing stations, to fuel a new Audi A3 Sportback g-tron for example. Driving with Audi e-gas is tighten to being meridian neutral: The CO2, expelled on pushing was formerly taken out of a atmosphere in a prolongation of a e-gas.

The holistic proceed also includes desirous targets in a margin of Group-wide environmental protection: Step-by-step, a prolongation routine should turn CO2-neutral and giveaway of rubbish water. At a sites in Germany, Audi already achieved a aim in 2012 that was designed for 2020: a rebate by 30 percent of carbon-dioxide emissions per automobile constructed compared with 1990. The aim now is to revoke emissions by a serve 40 percent by 2020 compared with 2010. Audi’s prolongation during a categorical site in Ingolstadt is already 70 percent CO2-neutral. 100 percent of a electricity used by Audi has been from regenerative sources given a commencement of 2012, that is a poignant miracle on a approach to CO2-neutral production: CO2 emissions in Ingolstadt are dwindling by adult to 290,000 tons any year. Electricity from regenerative sources is used via a plant and not usually for a prolongation of certain models. Environmental insurance has a prolonged tradition during Audi: In 1995, Audi was a initial reward code to accept a EMAS certificate of a European Union for superb environmental protection.

Responsibility vis-à-vis employees has been resolutely determined in Audi’s corporate enlightenment for a prolonged time. That includes particular expansion perspectives as good as an appealing operative environment. In 2012, a company’s government and labor legislature concluded on an practice pledge for a whole Audi workforce until a finish of 2018 – an critical miracle for pursuit security. To promote a optimal multiple of career and family life, stretchable working-time models are probable during Audi, such as part-time work, telework and sabbaticals. At a finish of 2012, some-more than 2,400 employees were operative partial time, that is probable even for employees operative shifts. The offer of stretchable childcare during a miedelHaus in Ingolstadt is unique, and allows Audi employees to conflict during brief notice to special situations such as business trips or holidays of other childcare facilities. In addition, Audi encourages a lifelong training and serve training of a employees, promotes farrago and equal opportunities, and provides model conditions for health and reserve during work, such as a Audi medicine health check-up for example.

As a successful company, Audi wants to give something behind to multitude and to raise a peculiarity of life during a sites. For this reason, employees, government and labor legislature trigger countless concession campaigns; in addition, many employees are concerned in amicable projects by a “Audi a Matter of Honor” program. Audi also supports educational institutions and has cooperated for 10 years with several universities, by a Audi doctoral tyro module for example. In sponsoring a humanities and culture, a association ensures that a activities sponsored can be accessed and gifted by all. Looking to a destiny is also an component of amicable shortcoming during Audi: The Audi Urban Future Initiative promotes an open dialog between experts of several subjects and cultures. The idea is to rise mobility solutions for a inhabitants of a megacities of tomorrow.

Through a value-based and forward-looking management, a Audi Group not usually secures a long-term competitiveness, though also fulfills a several claims of a stakeholders. In this context, a company’s government has a vital idea of qualitative growth. Group-wide risk and correspondence government systems strengthen a corporate objectives opposite risks as distant as possible. Audi also requires that a suppliers belong particularly to a sustainability beliefs of a Volkswagen Group and a environmental and amicable standards described in those principles.

The full Audi Corporate Responsibility Report 2012 is permitted online in German and English during The printed chronicle is also accessible in German and English and can be systematic online.

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