Audi Q7 and Q7 e-tron 3.0 TDI quattro

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Design and body
The new Audi Q7 has a assured highway stance. The sculpted Singleframe grille dominates a front with a daytime regulating lights combining a particular double-arrow settlement in a headlight unit. The box lid with customary LED tail lights wraps around a sold, upright-standing D pillars. Inlays with a quattro trademark in a doorway trim strips structure a reduce partial of a automobile sides. The appendage tools consolidate a new judgment of colors and materials.

The new Audi Q7 has strew as most as 325 kilograms (716.5 lb) compared with a prior model, depending on a engine. Thanks to Audi’s despotic confluence to a element of lightweight design, a quell weight of a bottom chronicle is kept underneath dual metric tons (without driver). 71 kilograms (156.5 lb) was saved in usually a body, that incorporates many aluminum tools in gripping with a innovative multiple-material construction principle.

Drive system
Two mostly new V6 engines are accessible to appetite a vast Audi SUV. The 3.0 TDI with 200 kW (272 hp) accelerates a five-seater Q7 from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in usually 6.3 seconds (6.5 seconds for a seven-seater), and a 3.0 TFSI with 245 kW (333 hp) accelerates a Q7 in 6.1 seconds (6.3 seconds for seven-seater). When versed with a diesel engine and 5 seats, a car’s total fuel expenditure is usually 5.7 liters per 100 kilometers (41.3 US mpg) with emissions of 149 grams CO2 per kilometer (239.8 g/mi) – 23 percent reduction than a prior model. Another engine now accessible for a initial time in a Q7 ultra is a 3.0 TDI with 160 kW (218 hp). It has a total fuel expenditure of usually 5.5 liters per 100 kilometers (42.8 US mpg) (144 grams CO2 per kilometer [231.7 g/mi]). All of a engines are really well-spoken running.

Engine lineup

  • 3.0 TFSI quattro with 245 kW (333 hp)
  • 3.0 TDI ultra quattro with 160 kW (218 hp)
  • 3.0 TDI quattro with 200 kW (272 hp)

Combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 8.3 – 5.5 (28.3 – 42.8 US mpg)
Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 193 – 144 (310.6 – 231.7 g/mi)
(Figures change depending on engine/transmission/wheels/tires)

The new Audi Q7 TDI facilities a new, quite fit eight-speed tiptronic as standard. It transfers engine appetite to a quattro permanent all-wheel expostulate system.

The doing of a vast SUV is flexible and during a same time comfortable. The electromechanical appetite steering and versatile Audi expostulate name complement are standard. The automobile can also be versed with a discretionary adaptive atmosphere cessation with lean angle arrangement and new discretionary all-wheel steering complement that can spin a back wheels adult to 5 degrees. The circle cessation systems are also new from scratch. Compared with a predecessor, a framework is over 100 kilograms (220.5 lb) lighter. The core of sobriety of a Q7 has been lowered by 50 millimeters (2.0 in), essentially by installing a engine lower.

Interior and controls
Despite carrying somewhat some-more compress outward measure than a prior model, a inside of a new Audi Q7 has indeed increasing in distance – it is a biggest in a segment. The interior feels like a lush lounge; it is atmospheric and light.

A extended continual atmosphere opening frame runs opposite a front of a cockpit in a newcomer area. It ensures a really good interior meridian with a discretionary 4-zone atmosphere conditioning system. Horizontal lines are emphasized by many of a worldly two-part inlays. At night, discretionary really excellent light conductors snippet a contours with light. All colors and materials are delicately coordinated. Optional leather packages and a pattern preference can make a interior even some-more exclusive.

Three versions of a front seats are available; they offer countless options adult to a customized contour chair with heating, massage and atmosphere conditioning functions. Another choice is a Audi practical cockpit – a TFT arrangement with a 12.3‑inch erratic shows high-resolution graphics and allows switching between opposite views. It is supplemented by a head-up display.

The backrests of a back dais in a second quarrel of seats overlay down in a ratio of 35:30:35. The discretionary back dais chair and lets users away adjust a seats adult to 110 mm (4.3 in) longitudinally, so as to accommodate 3 child seats. On request, Audi offers a third quarrel of seats, that is electrically foldable as a customary underline and whose dual particular seats are EU-certified as organisation III child seats. In a five-seater indication a simple pattern of a luggage dungeon boasts a volume of 890 liters (31.4 cu ft), and this can be increasing adult to 2,075 liters (73.3 cu ft). A appetite tailgate is standard, and gesticulate control is accessible as an choice in and with a preference key.

Assistance systems
The new Audi Q7 offers a widest operation of assistance systems of any prolongation automobile in a world. The predictive potency partner helps a motorist save fuel, while adaptive journey control with trade jam support takes over a duty of steering in slow-moving traffic. In addition, a collision deterrence support supports a motorist in vicious shy maneuvers. The spin support detects approaching vehicles when creation a left spin and automatically relates a brakes in box of danger. The portfolio of innovations includes a exit warning and trailer assistant, in further to a cross-traffic assist.

The Audi Q7 offers a really latest evolutionary theatre of MMI record with a discretionary MMI all-in-touch. The motorist and front newcomer can submit characters on a vast potion surface, and they can wizz and corkscrew regulating multi-finger gestures. After any input, a finger gets hold feedback. The whole MMI control proof is identical to that of a smartphone, including a intelligent giveaway content hunt function. The voice control complement recognizes inputs done regulating bland language, such as: “Where can we refuel?”

The top-of-the-range infotainment complement in a Q7, MMI navigation plus, uses a second era modular infotainment procedure with a superb computing power. Its Wi-Fi hotspot connects a passengers’ mobile inclination to a internet, while a LTE procedure brings a online services of Audi bond on board. The Audi smartphone interface integrates dungeon phones with iOS or Android handling complement into a infotainment environment.

For hi-fi connoisseurs, dual discretionary sound systems are available: one from Bose and one from Bang Olufsen with adult to 1,920 watts of outlay appetite and new 3D sound. Up to dual Audi tablets can be snapped into place on a backs of a front seats; they offer as a versatile Rear Seat Entertainment complement – another pioneering connectivity resolution from Audi.

Audi Q7 e-tron 3.0 TDI quattro
With a Audi Q7 e-tron quattro, Audi presents a world’s initial plug-in hybrid indication with a six-cylinder TDI engine and quattro drive. The SUV sets standards interjection to 275 kW (373 hp) of complement appetite and 700 Nm (516.3 lb‑ft) of complement torque. It sprints from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 6.2 seconds and consumes not some-more than a best-in-segment 1.8 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers (130.7 US mpg) in a New European Driving Cycle (NEDC). The SUV covers adult to 56 kilometers (34.8 mi) on electricity alone in a NEDC.

The 3.0 TDI, a rarely efficient, latest-generation V6 diesel engine, delivers 190 kW (258 hp) of appetite and 600 Nm (442.5 lb-ft) of torque. The electric engine produces 94 kW of appetite and 350 Nm (258.1 lb-ft) of torque. Together with a decoupler, it is integrated into a eight-speed tiptronic.

The high-voltage battery in a Audi Q7 e-tron quattro is commissioned underneath a luggage dungeon so that it hardly affects a space for luggage. It provides 17.3 kWh of appetite during a rated voltage of 308 Volts. Thanks to a new multi-phase charging technology, full charging takes usually around two-and-a-half hours on a 7.2 kW industrial outlet, or around 8 hours on a domicile opening depending on a ability of a charging infrastructure.

Audi offers a business a partnership with a application association LichtBlick SE, whose electricity is generated with 100 percent renewable energies. If a patron opts for “Audi Energy,” his or her whole domicile will be granted with environmentally accessible electricity.

The headlights of a Audi Q7 e-tron are three-dimensional, with their light signature appearing as a double arrow. LED light guides in a atmosphere inlets beget a new, evil e-tron signature of staggered lines that underscore a horizontals.

Popular discretionary apparatus apparatus from a simple indication are already customary in a Q7 e-tron quattro for a German market. They embody LED headlights, MMI navigation and with MMI all‑in‑touch and a Audi virtual cockpit are among a facilities included. In Germany, a customary apparatus also embody a charging wire for open charging stations and a charging wire that not usually facilities appetite connectors for domestic and industrial sockets, though also contains a striking display. The customary thermal government complement with integrated feverishness siphon has been specifically grown for a plug‑in‑ variety of a Q7 family. Audi is a initial manufacturer in a universe to marketplace this technology. This represents another benchmark achieved by a Four Rings code in terms of electric range, interior comfort and meridian control efficiency.

Combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 1.9 – 1.8 (123.8 – 130.7 US mpg)
Combined electrical expenditure in kWh/100 km: 19.0 – 18.1
Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 50 – 48 (80.5 – 77.2 g/mi)
(Figures change depending on engine/transmission/wheels/tires)

The equipment, information and prices specified in this request impute to a indication operation offering in Germany. Subject to change though notice; errors and omissions excepted.

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