Audi quattro Cup: National winners of pledge golf contest revealed

Posted on 31. Aug, 2018 by in Audi Canada

The Audi quattro Cup is already in a 28th year. This year, 112 gift tournaments took place opposite Germany between 1 May and 19 August. After receiving invitations from Audi partners, around 11,000 pledge golfers competed in teams of dual for a desired starting positions for a Germany Final.

The final turn was hold during a Arnold Palmer Golf Course during Scharmützelsee nearby Berlin. Both of a winning teams will take partial in a Audi quattro Cup World Final, that is holding place during Schwarzsee-Reith Golf Club nearby Kitzbühel from 23 to 27 September. The contest participants were also competing for an Audi S5 Cabrio – a esteem for a hole-in-one from a 11th tee. None of a golfers managed to ace a hole, however, so a esteem was left unclaimed.

Away from a greens and fairways, horde Audi organized a wide-ranging programme of events. Participants and guest were means to watch golf demonstrations, knowledge new Audi technologies by practical reality, and perspective a preference of a reward manufacturer’s latest models. The automobile code also offering a march for golf novices, and gave guest an event to try out their sailing skills on a Scharmützelsee lake with tip sailors Jasper Wagner and Kevin Reisenauer.

Special guest of a Audi quattro Cup Germany Final enclosed racing motorist Tom Kristensen and freestyle skier Bene Mayr. They assimilated Jason Lusty, AUDI AG’s Head of Marketing Germany, to palm out a prizes and they also took to a march to uncover off their golf skills.

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