Audi R8 LMS clinches second and third place during Spa

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In annoy of many setbacks, dual other new Audi R8 LMS cars eventually took positions in a tip five. Audi Sport Team Phoenix with Christian Mamerow (D), Christopher Mies (D) and Nicki Thiim (DK) achieved third place following a recovery. Their team-mates Marcel Fässler (CH), André Lotterer (D) and Mike Rockenfeller (D) finished in fifth place. Both motorist squads had mislaid a lot of time in a violent early stage. Following complicated rain, Phoenix switched to slicks early with both competition cars on a drying track, though a continue put a spoke in a circle of Ernst Moser’s team. When a sleet started again, a patrol was forced to make another tire change, while adverse counsel durations had an additional effect. In a final stage, stop-and-go penalties due to channel a lane bounds resulted in a serve detriment of time. Last year’s winners René Rast (D), Laurens Vanthoor (B) and Markus Winkelhock (D) were positively rival with good path times. After a unsuccessful overtaking attempt, Vanthoor mislaid control of his car. The collision meant that Audi Sport Team WRT had to change tools of a cessation and bodywork. In a end, due to material repairs within a driveline, automobile series ‘1’ forsaken out of a tip ten.

Team Saintéloc regretted missed opportunities as well. Marc Basseng (D), Grégory Guilvert (F) and Edward Sandström (S) were in second place some of a time before timid due to technical failure. The sister automobile of a French group with Michaël Blanchemain (F), Mino Caccia (CH), Philippe Haezebrouck (F) and Gilles Lallement (F) achieved eighth place in a Am category. Due to accidents a series ‘3’ (Belgian Audi Club Team WRT), series ‘4’ (Team WRT) and series ‘75’ (ISR) Audi R8 LMS cars did not finish a race.

Upon a certain execution of a continuation race, Audi is prepared for a subsequent step. Following a successful trials in a exam runs, a prolongation of a new Audi R8 LMS for business on 4 continents will be launched in September.

Race formula

1 Catsburg/Luhr/Palttala (BMW #46), 536 laps

2 Ortelli/Müller/Stippler (Audi R8 LMS #2) –1 lap

3 Mamerow/Mies/Thiim (Audi R8 LMS #5) –2 laps

4 Bruni/Lathouras/Lemeret/Pier Guidi (Ferrari #47) –5 laps

5 Fässler/Lotterer/Rockenfeller (Audi R8 LMS #6) –6 laps

6 Cameron/Griffin/Guedes/Rigon (Ferrari #51) –7 laps

7 Bryant/McCaig/Modell/Sims (BMW #79) –9 laps

8 Cocker/Keen/Machitski/Minshaw (BMW #78) –9 laps

9 Abril/Parisy/Primat (Bentley #84) –9 laps

10 Leonard/Meadows/Mücke/Onslow Cole (Aston Martin #32) –13 laps

14 Loggie/Macleod/Simonsen/Westwood (Audi R8 LMS #24) –23 laps

21 Rast/Vanthoor/Winkelhock (Audi R8 LMS #1) –28 laps

34 Blanchemain/Caccia/Haezebrouck/Lallement (Audi R8 LMS #36) –175 laps

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