Audi sets 4th true U.S. sales record with a month to gangling on Nov 2013 gains

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Audi determined a fourth uninterrupted annual U.S. sales record a month early with a 13.3% year-to-date sales benefit available by a finish of Nov 2013. Through a initial 11 months of this year, Audi has sole 141,048 vehicles in a U.S. marketplace to obscure a prior record of 139,310 vehicles sole via 2012.

For a month of November, Audi reported sales of 13,636 vehicles, a 13% boost over a prior Nov record set final year. Nov 2013 also stands as a brand’s 35th uninterrupted month of record sales and a fourth best month ever for a Audi code in a U.S.

“The story of a fourth uninterrupted Audi annual sales record in a U.S. is one of strength opposite a product lineup, authentic Audi code growth and a rarely intent play network,” pronounced Mark Del Rosso, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Audi of America. “The cornerstones of this code feat all year have been neatly aloft direct for a Audi Q5 and Q7 SUV models, as good as a reward sedans during a tip of a range.”

Through November, sales of a Audi A6, A7, A8 and Q7 done adult one of each 3 models a code sold. That compares to an 18% brew for a many disdainful models only 4 years ago.

Sales of a Audi A6 increasing 32.5% to 2,112 vehicles sole for a month, while YTD sales increasing 15.3% to 19,742 vehicles sold. Sales of a Audi A7 rose 25% in Nov to 816 vehicles sold.

November formula were bolstered by sales of Audi oppulance SUVs, with a Audi Q5 crossover posting a 31.5% benefit in Nov with 3,582 units delivered for a month. Sales of a Audi Q7 increasing 31.3% to 1,524 vehicles sole for a month. Year-to-date sales for a Audi Q5 increasing 42% while YTD sales for a Audi Q7 increasing 44%.

Audi R8 sales jumped 56% as business responded to a updated 2014 models, including a Audi R8 V8, Audi R8 V10 and Audi R8 V10 plus.

November 2013 was a 4th uninterrupted record month for Audi Certified pre-owned vehicles sales with an boost of 27% for a month, and a year-to-date boost of 9.1%.


• Sales of Audi reward difficulty vehicles (Audi A6, Audi A7, Audi A8, and Audi Q7)
  increasing 18% YTD, representing 33% of sum Audi sales year-to-date and 43%
  of a Audi year-to-date sales gain.
• Sales brew for Audi S opening variants finished a month during 17.6% for a
  S4 sedan; 36.6% for a S5/ RS 5; 6.2% for a S6; 27.7% for a S7 and RS 7;
  16.3% for a S8; 29% for a TTS / TT RS and TTS Roadster, and 9.7% for a
  SQ5 crossover.
• Sales of Audi A6 increasing 32.5% compared to Nov 2012; YTD sales grew
  15.3% compared to prior period.
• Sales of Audi A7 increasing 25% compared to Nov 2012.
• Sales of a Audi Q5 increasing 31.5% compared to Nov 2012; YTD sales
  grew 42% compared to prior period.
• Sales of a Audi Q7 increasing 31.3% compared to Nov 2012; YTD sales
  grew 44% compared to prior period.
• Audi R8 sales adult 56% compared to Nov 2012.
• Sales brew for Audi A6 TDI finished a month during 12.5%, for a Audi A7 TDI during
  11.3%, for a A8 TDI to 17.9%, a Audi Q5 TDI during 14.6%, and for a
  Audi Q7 TDI during 24.5%.
• Audi Certified pre-owned sales increasing 27% to 3,612 vehicles in November;
  YTD increasing 9.1% to 36,168 vehicles sold.
• The Audi A3 is being phased out in allege of a all-new A3 sedan nearing in
  a U.S. marketplace subsequent spring.

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