Audi shows genuine champions during a Techno Classica

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At a Techno Classica, Audi Tradition occupies a 700 block scale mount in Hall 7. Members of a Audi Club International (ACI) are displaying their historically poignant cars in Hall 7.1, so that this year too there are dual appealing venues for enthusiasts underneath a pointer of a 4 rings.

The oldest Audi Tradition vaunt is a 1919 Audi Type C Alpine Rally winner. Developed by Aug Horch in 1912, this automobile with a 35-horsepower engine could strech a tip speed of 80 km/h. Three times in period – from 1912 to 1914 – the Audi Type C was winning in a Austrian Alpine Rally, in a day a many strenuous long-distance engine foe event. Exactly a century ago a automobile pulled off a triple feat that gained Audi a Alpine Rally winner’s esteem in perpetuity.

Another eye-catcher: a Auto Union Type A Silver Arrow, in that Hans Stuck began his career as one of a mythological Auto Union drivers. This first-ever Auto Union Grand Prix racing car, that seemed in 1934, was rarely modernized and fantastic in a design. Ferdinand Porsche grown a 4.4-liter, supercharged sixteen-cylinder engine, that had an outlay of 295 hp and was located immediately behind a motorist – a mid-engine automobile good forward of a time, with a blueprint that has now been adopted as customary on Formula 1 cars. On a really initial outing, a Auto Union Type A set 3 new speed annals with Hans Stuck during a wheel. The automobile to be seen in Essen is a reproduction of this Grand Prix foe car, owned by a Belgian D’Ieteren company.

The Audi Rallye quattro A2 is another highlight. Visually a slightest fantastic of all Audi’s convene cars, it valid in a finish to be a many successful. Thirty years ago a Swedish motorist Stig Blomqvist took this Audi indication to feat in a drivers’ and manufacturers’ universe convene championships. The Audi Rallye quattro A2, with a 360-hp energy output, could strech 100 km/h from a station start in 4.2 seconds. Also during a Techno Classica: a Audi 90 quattro IMSA-GTO. It is accurately 25 years given drivers such as Hans-Joachim Stuck, Walter Röhrl and Hurley Haywood spectacularly strove for feat on a American racing circuits. Stuck won 7 races in a 1989 deteriorate alone.

Audi has dominated a Le Mans 24-hour foe for a past 15 years. Its drivers were during a tip of a winners’ lectern on no fewer than twelve occasions – generally a Dane Tom Kristensen, who binds a record with 9 victories. He initial gathering for Audi in 1999, a year in that a association done a entrance in France’s many prestigious foe – and final year he was successful nonetheless again. Both these winning cars are on a Audi mount during a Techno Classics. In 1999, a initial year in that Audi entered a R8R, it came in third, driven by Tom Kristensen with Frank Biela and Emanuele Pirro during that time. By 2013, in a Audi R18 e-tron quattro, Kristensen was means to measure his ninth Le Mans win, partnered on this arise by Alan McNish and Loic Duval.

Another vaunt is a reproduction of a Wanderer Streamline Special dating from 1939: with a strange automobile Auto Union AG, as it was then, took a group esteem in a Liege-Rome-Liege long-distance race. It is accompanied on a Audi Tradition mount by a DKW Hartmann Formula Junior, one of a initial foe cars in a company’s story dictated for patron racing. DKW play Alfred Hartmann from Berchtesgaden brought this automobile to a racetrack. As early as 1959, he grown a Formula foe automobile formed on a Audi Union 1000, and able of reaching 180 km/h. Last though not slightest among a Audi Tradition exhibits during a Techno Classics in Essen are dual really special NSU motorcycles: a 125-cc NSU Race Fox Type Dolphin on that Rupert Hollaus took a universe championship pretension in 1954, and a 250-cc NSU Race Max ridden by Werner Haas to universe championship success in a same year.

Those meddlesome in showcase models will positively take a closer demeanour during this year’s singular book indication from Audi Tradition. Only 333 will be done – support another tradition – and finished in orange. Lovers of tiny models will positively be tempted by this Audi 200 quattro TransAm in 1:43 scale.

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