Audi Smart Energy Network commander project: eco-electricity cleverly managed

Posted on 19. Jan, 2018 by in Audi Canada

As partial of a investigate project, Audi is using a commander plan with households in a Ingolstadt area and a Zurich segment in and with other partners. This involves mixing several sizes of photovoltaic systems with still storage batteries. The control program by a Zurich start-up association Ampard distributes a solar appetite cleverly formed on a stream or plannable direct from car, domicile and heating system. A singular underline of a commander plan is that it also interacts with a appetite grid: Over a built-in communication interface, all systems are companion to form a practical appetite plant, and consecrate a intelligent grid.

The connected home storage inclination can yield what is famous as balancing power. In other words, they change out a fluctuations between appetite era and consumption, and stabilise a grid magnitude by temporarily storing smaller amounts of appetite in still units during brief notice. This optimizes inner consumption: Operators of photovoltaic systems boost their suit of own-use solar appetite while slicing their appetite buying costs.
“We are looking during electric mobility in a context of an altogether appetite supply complement that is increasingly formed on renewables. We are personification a pioneering purpose with a prequalification of a balancing-power marketplace – enabling producers to feed appetite into a grid, as partial of a commander project. That is now for a initial time also probable down during a turn of sold households, that helps change a whole appetite grid,” remarked Dr. Hagen Seifert, Head of Sustainable Product Concepts during Audi.

As partial of a query for emission-free reward mobility, Audi is also looking during services that extend over a vehicle as a product. One critical aspect is a interrelationship between all those areas of life where a vehicle meshes seamlessly with a connected environment. There is sold concentration on services that engage communication between vehicle and environment. 

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