Audi Sport TT Cup before start of second season

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The initial litmus exam will be entrance adult for a immature entrants from Mar 11 to 16 during Oberstdorf, where they are going to accommodate for a aptness stay to jointly lay a foundations for a fervent season. “I’m already looking brazen to operative with a immature competition drivers and am fervent to accommodate them as a organisation for a initial time during a aptness camp,” says Mondelaers. The stay in a Allgäu segment will not usually be about building strength and earthy shape, as a participants will also be receiving profitable tips for suitable nutrition, engineering and information on how to work with amicable media in several veteran presentations.

In April, a pushing exam in a Audi TT cup, and media training sessions, are going to element a preparations. The starting vigilance for a second deteriorate of a Audi one-make crater will be given during a DTM deteriorate opener during a Hockenheimring on a initial weekend in May.

The provisional margin of a 2016 Audi Sport TT Cup

Caygill, Josh (GB, *June 22, 1989)

Egsgaard, Patrick (DK, *December 15, 1994) – rookie

Ellis, Philip (GB, *September 10, 1992) – rookie

Hofer, Max (A, *May 23, 1999) – rookie

Holton, Paul (USA, *October 11, 1996) – rookie

Lappalainen, Joonas (FIN, *March 1, 1998)

Larsson, Simon (S, *May 13, 1997) – rookie

Lefterov, Pavel (BG, *November 12, 1997) – rookie

Lindholm, Emil (FIN, *July 19, 1996)

Marschall, Dennis (D, *August 15, 1996)

Meyer, Yves (CH, *June 12, 1991) – rookie

Nielsen, Nicklas (DK, *February 6, 1997) – rookie

Rdest, Gosia (PL, *January 14, 1993)

van der Linde, Sheldon (ZA, *May 13, 1999) – rookie

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