Audi SQ7 TDI: Driving Innovation

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“Following a launch of a successful SQ5*, we are now also requesting a judgment of a diesel-engined S indication to a Q7 model line. So equipped, a SQ7 TDI with a V8 TDI engine achieves a expenditure sum of a six-cylinder. The new record resolution of a electric powered compressor in a SQ7 TDI is a universe initial in a rival environment, with that Audi once again underscores a explain Vorsprung durch Technik,” conspicuous Dr. Stefan Knirsch, Member of a Board of Management of AUDI AG for Technical Development.

Forced induction: Three chargers operative together
The 4.0 TDI has been newly grown from a belligerent up. It combines best-in-class opening with low expenditure and guarantees extent dynamics. The V8 engine has a banishment of 3,956 cc. The dual exhaust-gas turbochargers are activated selectively according to a judgment of consecutive charging, given empty gas usually flows by one turbocharger during low and middle load. The second turbine is usually activated during aloft loads. An electric powered compressor (EPC) augments a work of a dual turbochargers, quite in a revoke engine speed range, providing for intensely energetic off-the-line performance.

With 320 kW (435 hp) and 900 Nm (663.8 lb‑ft) of torque between 1,000 and 3,250 revolutions per minute, a SUV sets new benchmarks in a segment. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 4.8 seconds; tip speed is 250 km/h (155.3 mph) (governed). In a New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), it consumes 7.4 liters per 100 kilometers (31.8 US mpg). This corresponds to COemissions of 194 grams per kilometer (312.2 g/mi).

Forced initiation judgment and electrical system: Electric powered compressor (EPC) and 48‑volt subsystem
The electric powered compressor is a universe initial in a prolongation vehicle. This EPC strongly supports a 4.0 TDI engine when starting off and accelerating from low bucket for pristine dynamics with no turbo lag. It is placed in a atmosphere trail downstream of a intercooler, tighten to a engine. Because a EPC does not need any exhaust-gas appetite to rise boost, it can be used during any time, so creation it a resolution for a normal weaknesses of a classical exhaust-gas turbocharger. With this technology, turbo loiter is history. The EPC provides a engine a boost appetite indispensable for a energetic smoothness of appetite in reduction than 250 milliseconds. Driven by a compress electric motor, a compressor circle spins adult to 70,000 revolutions per minute. The 4.0 TDI so develops a measureless appetite with no obvious lag: It is permitted immediately on joyless a accelerator. That is a vital plus, quite when starting off.

The Audi valvelift complement (AVS) is also creation a entrance in a diesel indication from Audi. The estuary and empty cam shafts any have dual cam contours per valve. On a estuary side, one cam contour supports starting off in and with a EPC, while a other optimizes cylinder stuffing and so appetite during high engine speeds. The AVS complement on a empty side enables activation of a second exhaust-gas turbocharger. The consecutive charging complement controls a dual exhaust-gas turbochargers so that usually one turbocharger is used during low engine speeds. The second is activated additionally during aloft loads and engine speeds. The patron advantages from really good torque smoothness and energetic response conflicting a whole engine speed range.

The empty streams from a dual empty valves are hermetically separated, with any pushing one of a dual turbochargers. In a revoke engine speed range, one valve per cylinder stays closed, so that a full empty tide flows to a active turbocharger. When bucket and engine speed increase, a AVS opens a second empty valves. This leads upsurge to and activates a second exhaust-gas turbocharger. The engine achieves a extent outlay in this biturbo mode. The switching by a AVS enables quick and accurate activation of a second exhaust-gas turbine.

The appetite for a EPC, that reaches a extent of 7 kW, is supposing by a 48‑volt electrical subsystem. The SQ7 TDI uses this higher-power electrical system, that facilitates a high-power systems electromechanical active hurl stabilization (EAWS) and EPC. To accommodate their high appetite and appetite requirements, a electrical subsystem includes a possess 48‑volt lithium-ion battery mounted underneath a luggage cell with a favoured appetite calm of 470 watt-hours and rise outlay of adult to 13 kilowatts. A DC/DC converter connects a 48‑volt and 12‑volt electrical systems. The compulsory appetite is supposing by a some-more absolute and rarely fit generator with an potency of over 80 percent during an outlay of adult to 3 kW. This is a supposed MOSFET generator (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor), that reduces electric waste and increases efficiency. MOFSETs reinstate a diodes used previously. In addition, a 48‑volt storage section supports a 12‑volt electrical complement when required. This also reduces a bucket on a 12‑volt lead battery.

V8 TDI – serve technical highlights
The intake side of a 4.0 TDI is on a outside, a empty side with a dual turbochargers is on a inside of a 90-degree inner V. This blueprint provides for brief gas paths, i.e. extemporaneous response and brief paths for a emissions control system. The common-rail complement generates adult to 2,500 bars of injection pressure. Ignition vigour reaches a 200‑bar symbol in extended sections of a characteristic.

The innovative thermal government and worldly measures in a crankshaft and camshaft expostulate revoke friction. With a multiple of a NOx oxidating catalytic converter and a downstream SCR catalytic converter, that is integrated into a diesel particulate filter and uses AdBlue injection to revoke oxides of nitrogen, a V8 TDI has a quite fit emissions control system. A sound actuator in a empty complement amplifies a grave eight-cylinder sound. SQ7 TDI drivers can name how most courtesy they wish to pull to themselves by regulating a Audi expostulate name complement to change a volume of sound.

The biturbo V8 sum with a EPC is a core component of a tellurian Audi diesel strategy. With high torque even during low engine speeds and low expenditure figures, it is also ideally matched for markets such as a United States. Its engine evil combines autarchic pulling appetite with sporty lively – plenty off-the-line opening and extemporaneous response.

High efficiency: The eight-speed tiptronic
The 4.0 TDI in a Audi SQ7 TDI works with clever partners. The explanation is in a highway behavior, from intensely gentle cruising on a Autobahn to energetic doing on towering passes. The redesigned eight-speed tiptronic is impressively efficient. It changes gears intensely fast and efficiently, and during high speeds allows coasting during idle. A self-locking core differential is a heart of a quattro permanent all-wheel expostulate system. It is compact, lightweight and interacts really precisely with a cessation control system.

The adage of lightweight construction also relates to a cessation – a links are made essentially of aluminum. Electromechanical appetite steering, a Audi drive select pushing dynamics complement and adaptive atmosphere cessation with
S-specific tuning are standard. An discretionary stop complement with intensely lightweight CO fiber-ceramic disks will follow shortly after a marketplace launch. Audi offers a SUV with 20‑inch wheels on 285/45 tires, with options adult to 22 inches from a quattro GmbH program.

Networked cessation control
Audi offers a SQ7 TDI with an discretionary pushing dynamics package comprising 3 record modules: competition differential, electromechanical active hurl stabilization and all-wheel steering. The rarely integrated cessation control section is used in a SQ7 TDI. It assumes a executive control of a tractable startle absorbers, a atmosphere springs, a competition differential and hurl force distribution. By bundling all applicable cessation functions into a executive control unit, a developers achieved an optimal networking and coordination of a functions among themselves. The patron so practice superb doing in any situation.

Sporty or comfortable: Body hurl stabilization
A new resolution in a rival sourroundings is a electromechanical active physique hurl stabilization. Here a compress electric engine with a three-stage heavenly gearbox separates a dual halves of a stabilizer. On an disproportionate highway surface, they are actively decoupled from one another, ensuing in softened float comfort. During sporty driving, a tubes are companion and disfigured conflicting any other. That significantly reduces physique roll, i.e. a gaunt of a car. Together with a transmission, a electric motors furnish anything adult to 1,200 Nm (885.1 lb‑ft) of torque. The outcome is taut, sporty handling: The automobile leans reduction in bends and a bent to understeer is serve reduced.

The front and behind stabilizer can be practiced exclusively of any other. This active placement of stabilizer army between a front and behind spindle has a certain outcome on highway behavior. Steering pointing and a lively of a automobile urge significantly.

Compared with required hydraulically switched stabilizers, a 48‑volt-based complement from Audi offers vital advantages. It can rise some-more power, it works faster and it is activated even during low speeds. Because it requires no oil, a electromechanical active hurl stabilization is also maintenance-free and environmentally friendly.

Bold highway duty and handling: All-wheel steering in multiple with sporty and approach front-axle steering
With all-wheel steering, a behind wheels spin in by as most as 5 degrees, creation parking easier. The some-more approach front-axle steering ratio of a SQ7 TDI improves a doing characteristics. Depending on a situation, a behind wheels drive conflicting or in a same instruction as a front wheels, improving dynamics and stability.

High lively in any curve: quattro with competition differential
For sporty drivers, it is one of a executive objectives of highway behavior: neutral doing adult to a limit, even during high engine power. The discretionary competition differential provides fast and accurate steering, quite when accelerating boldly out of curves. Variable torque between a wheels on a behind spindle offers autarchic control in curves. The SQ7 TDI is pulpy precisely into a bend as a result. Even if a behind finish starts to pitch out, a quattro competition differential brings it behind underneath control. This record is permitted for a initial time in a Q7 model line and is indifferent exclusively for this tip model.

Lightweight construction – innovative multimaterial construction
Thanks to systematic lightweight construction, a Audi SQ7 TDI is a lightest SUV in a segment, nonetheless creates no compromises with honour to pile-up safety. The physique facilities an innovative multimaterial construction. Hot-shaped and intensely clever sheets form a fortitude of a passenger cell; a outdoor skin is done of aluminum. The core of mass is low – another cause for a sporty handling. The drag fellow is an superb 0.34.

Powerful sportiness: Exterior styling
The new Audi SQ7 TDI strikes an considerable change between absolute and strong stylistic elements. At 5.07 meters (16.6 ft), it is approximately as prolonged as a bottom model. The Audi DNA, such as a sculpted Singleframe radiator grille, admirably highlighted wheels and flared quattro-style blisters, is unmistakable. All lines and surfaces are designed precisely and incisively, and intensify a breadth of a automobile and so a solidness of a altogether concept. The SQ7 TDI has a new radiator grille with an S‑specific pattern during a bumpers. Other specifying facilities are a side atmosphere inlets, a counterpart housings and doorway inlays in customary aluminum. The empty complement terminates in 4 rectilinear tailpipes.

Light – LED headlights standard
The headlights have a conspicuous three-dimensional coming altogether with a double-arrow signature. The customary LED and discretionary Matrix LED headlights and a energetic behind spin signals underscore Audi’s heading purpose in lighting pattern and technology. With a LED and pattern LED headlights, a daytime using lights together with a spin signals form a double light flare arrow – a new and singular light signature within a Audi family. Each Matrix LED headlight divides a high flare into 30 individual light-emitting diodes interconnected with 3 reflectors. A camera on a interior counterpart analyzes a trade situation. Given this information, a control section away turns a diodes on and off, or dims them in 64 stages each, depending on a situation. With a millions of opposite following flare patterns, a high-end headlights good light adult a road, but blinding other highway users. Traffic signs are bright with reduction appetite so that a motorist is not blinded by glare.

The organic operation of a Matrix LED headlights also includes intelligent cornering lights, combined by a change in a light core position. If a automobile is versed with a discretionary MMI navigation plus, this system’s track information will trigger a cornering light to irradiate around a dilemma usually before a motorist starts branch a steering wheel. The vast LED behind lights change a thesis of a headlamps: The tail lights, activated when a ignition is incited on, emanate a double arrow like a headlights. The stop light is located in a dual tip chambers; a interior of
a light has a three-dimensional appearance, with levity and elegance.

The choice is yours: 5 seats or seven
Passengers in a Audi SQ7 TDI knowledge a largest interior in a segment. Audi offers a SUV with a choice of possibly 5 or 7 seats. The second quarrel comes customary with a three-section backrest with segments that can be folded down separately. The discretionary third quarrel folds adult and down electrically.

Interior peculiarity with S-specific pattern language
More space in a interior sets a new benchmark in a segment. Diffuser opening hang and focus strips stress a horizontality and expanse of a interior. Comfort facilities are luxury-class. With a SQ7 TDI, business have a choice between competition seats and competition seats plus. The sliding/folding seats yield for easier entrance to a discretionary third row. The appetite tailgate is standard. The SQ7 TDI boasts superb pattern solutions in a interior, including analogue instruments with gray faces and white needles, special acquire screens and S badges.

The finish interior lighting including a luggage cell employs LEDs. The initial ascent level, a lighting package, is standard. Capacitive (contactless) switches control a light in a doorway pockets and a reading lamp. The instrument row and doorway trim enclose supposed contour lighting – intensely slim LED light guides that follow a extended lines. Ambient lighting is also available. This includes aflame doorway sill trims and additional contour lighting on a core console. The tip chronicle allows a motorist of a SQ7 TDI to customize a interior lighting. Via a MMI, a motorist can adjust it in several profiles and in 5 zones, and umpire a tone of a contour lighting in a “drive select” form in 32 steps.

Markedly sporty: disdainful materials, colors and apparatus features
The new SQ7 TDI is permitted in 12 colors. The particular radiator grille and underbody ensure that encloses a 4 rectilinear tailpipes are finished in twilight gray matt. Thanks to a far-reaching operation of equipment, a SQ7 TDI can be configured to be both sporty and elegant. Two-piece applications capacitate different element combinations and serve individualization. The SQ7 TDI is also permitted with a pattern preference Kodiak brown: a full-leather interior with resisting stitching, an Alcantara black headlining, competition seats and with Valcona leather in Kodiak brownish-red and resisting stitching, and oppulance velour building mats. The two-piece trim frame of Sono aluminum and CO twill copper is exclusively permitted for a SQ7 TDI.

High-resolution graphics: Audi practical cockpit
With a 12.3‑inch display, a discretionary Audi practical cockpit presents logically structured information in shining graphics. Driver ergonomics are excellent, and operation is intuitive. The motorist chooses a arrangement mode around a multifunction steering wheel. A head-up arrangement is also permitted as an option.

The discretionary MMI navigation and with MMI all‑in‑touch includes a vast potion aspect on a core hovel console that provides a finger with haptic feedback after any click. The MMI proof allows for discerning complement operation and also understands terms from bland speech.

Potent computing power: Infotainment and Audi connect
MMI navigation plus, a discretionary top-of-the-line infotainment complement in a SQ7 TDI, uses a second-generation Modular Infotainment Platform. Thanks to a integrated LTE procedure and a Wi-Fi hotspot enclosed in a Audi connect package, passengers can roller during high speed with their mobile devices. The Audi connect package brings extensive online functions on board.

New on a marketplace is a Audi bond safety  service package, that also includes a myCarManager package. With this, business can use their smartphone to close and clear a automobile or check a automobile status, for example.

Another infotainment prominence is a Audi smartphone interface. In a car, a tailored sourroundings on a MMI guard creates it easy to control smartphones with iOS or a Android handling system.

The sound systems in a SQ7 TDI are as innovative as they are upscale. In a Bang  Olufsen Advanced Sound System, a digital vigilance processor drives 11 channels with a sum of 23 speakers in such a approach that a sound is equally accurate and agreeable in any seat. Four speakers commissioned in a A‑pillars and driven around apart channels promote those elements that beget a spatial height, formulating a large practical stage. Newly grown speakers and an amplifier with 1,920 watts pledge low-pitched delight during a top level. The Bose Surround Sound system, that generates a approximate sound with 19 speakers, also facilities dual speakers located aloft adult in a A‑pillars to furnish a third dimension.

Optionally, dual Audi tablets can be docked in a backs of a front seats. This resolution is now a usually removable behind chair party complement permitted in a shred as standard. The Audi tablets make a reward infotainment permitted to a behind passengers as well. With integrated party media and a navigation complement from a infotainment system, a Audi tablets move a full functionality of stream high-end Android tablets to a car.

Simply a best: Driver assistance systems
The SQ7 TDI offers a far-reaching operation of 24 driver assistance systems to assistance drivers transport safely, fuel-efficiently and comfortably. The predictive potency assistant, for example, provides additional information in a instrument cluster to assistance a motorist save fuel. The customary Audi pre clarity city – an anticipatory warning and puncture violation duty for avoiding accidents and safeguarding pedestrians – creates a SQ7 TDI even safer.

The adaptive journey control with trade jam support relieves a motorist in slow-moving trade on well-paved roads by holding over a steering in many situations. The predictive ACC enables a anticipatory composition of pushing speed to a track and speed limits, such as when entering towns.

In Europe, a Audi SQ7 TDI can be systematic commencement spring 2016. It will be offering in Germany for a bottom cost of €89,900. This cost includes a significantly stretched operation of customary equipment, valued during approx. €10,000, compared with a bottom model. Examples embody LED headlights, 20-inch wheels, sportily contoured bumpers and doorway trim strips, adaptive atmosphere cessation with S-specific tuning, electrically tractable and exhilarated competition seats in Alcantara and leather, brushed aluminum inlays, 3-spoke multifunction competition steering circle with change paddles, anti-theft alarm and an lengthened tank with 85-liter capacity. In addition, a Audi SQ7 TDI is also a initial prolongation automobile to underline an electric powered compressor with a 48-volt electrical subsystem. The factory-installed sound empty complement provides for a sporty, unmistakeable V8 sound.

Fuel expenditure of a models named above:

Audi SQ7 TDI:
This automobile is not nonetheless on sale. It does not nonetheless have form capitulation and is therefore not theme to Directive 1999/94/EC. The aforementioned fuel expenditure and glimmer values are provisional.

Audi SQ5 TDI:
Combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 6.7 (35.1 US mpg);
Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 177 (284.9 g/mi)

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