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For about a week, Audi made a theatre in Kiel and along a Kieler Förde. 1,000 exam drives by visitors took place in a stream Audi models, 25 Audi Q7 vehicles of a trailer use ensured well-spoken switching between a several vessel classes, fans again gifted a mindfulness of sailing with support by Audi during their fingertips this year. “This week was glorious promotion for sailing,” says Markus Siebrecht, Head of Marketing Germany of AUDI AG. “With a brew of tip sporting performances and a festival for a people, a Kieler Woche presented itself during a best. We’re happy that Audi was again means to minister a partial to this.”

The tip stars of a Kieler Woche were a B/one boats that Audi had taken to a north for a initial time. Audi guest had their initial sailing practice on a entry-level boats with a length of some-more than 7 meters, that offering them a totally new viewpoint of a movement on water. With instructions supposing by gifted skippers, a amateurs contested their possess races in a Bay of Kiel.

A prominence of a competitions underneath a Audi dwindle was a initial eventuality of a Audi Sailing Cup, that Audi DTM motorist Timo Scheider won on his initial ever tour on a cruise boat. At a regatta, a two-time champion together with his foe operative Markus Michelberger and skipper Ulrike Schümann competed opposite a 5 other B/one boats, any of that had a churned organisation of celebrities and veteran sailors. Among others, TV hosts Kai Pflaume and Nova Meierhenrich, actor Simon Licht, thespian Rufus Martin, ski jumper Richard Freitag, a players of ERC Ingolstadt Björn Barta and Alexander Oblinger as good as Olympic bullion medalists Carlos Nevado (hockey), Ole Bischof (judo), Karl Schulze and Lauritz Schoof (rowing) sailed in a competition.

Making a fascinating competition a discernible knowledge for a caller – a sign of Audi’s module offering to all sailing fans this year delivered on this guarantee some-more than ever before. “Kieler Woche TV powered by Audi” promote a movement from a H2O to countless TV screens and a internet regulating complicated camera record and a dedicated studio. The Audi theatre with a projection screen, talk sessions, lectern ceremonies and prize-winning contests was a heart in a area in front of a jetty of a Olympic Center was.

Since 2010, Audi has been a reward partner of a Kieler Woche, that is one of a season’s apex events for Audi Sailing Team Germany as well. This year, a German inhabitant sailing team, with countless medals, was again among a winners of a competitions. In a olympic and paralympic classes Tina Lutz and Susann Beucke, Philipp Buhl as good as Heiko Kröger achieved bullion medals, Erik Heil and Thomas Plößel won silver.

The highlights of this year’s regattas and activities in a form of text, photos and videos are accessible during or on a “Audi Sailing” app for iPhone and iPod hold that can be performed giveaway of assign from a App Store.

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