Audi to benefaction possess keynote residence during a Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Posted on 16. Dec, 2013 by in Audi Canada

Audi done a initial coming during a Consumer Electronics Show in 2011 – a initial reward carmaker to do so. This year’s coming is a fourth for a code with a 4 rings – justification of a good stress that a CES binds for a automotive industry. Other automobile companies have duration followed Audi’s example: More than half a dozen manufacturers are exhibiting with their possess mount during a show. For a initial time, Audi’s module of events will embody a pre-show keynote address. It will be presented on Monday, Jan 6, during 8:30 p.m. internal time in a Cosmopolitan. Audi will promote a keynote residence live on a Internet.

Audi is presenting a new solutions in all of a critical areas of automotive wiring – including assistance systems and a latest handling concepts – during a CES. The code with a 4 rings is deliberate a colonize in this area, and a subsequent era is already during a starting blocks: At a CES, a reward carmaker will uncover a Audi practical cockpit and an MMI judgment for 2014 – dual new developments that make operation faster, easier and therefore safer as well. Also available reporters will be a package of Audi innovations relating to other trends in wiring and an array of exhibited models, including one universe premiere.

The Audi press discussion will be hold on Tuesday, Jan 7, during 10 a.m. internal time in a Las Vegas Convention Center.

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