Audi Tool Trophy: esteem for innovative tyro work

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“With a Audi Tool Trophy, we are compelling immature gifted people with innovative ideas who heighten a toolmaking with new approaches. In tighten partnership with investigate and teaching, we are equipping this different multiplication for a prolongation of a future,” settled Prof. Dr Hubert Waltl, Board of Management Member for Production and Logistics during AUDI AG, with courtesy to a goal of a award.

“Excellent work contingency accept good recognition,” pronounced Peter Mosch, Chairman of a Group Works Council during AUDI AG. “In this way, we inspire innovative ideas and guarantee a ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ over a prolonged term.”

When awarding a prizes, Jörg Spindler, Head of Audi Toolmaking, emphasized, “The Audi Tool Trophy is duration an determined competition. We use it to support generally gifted engineering students and to offer them a stepping mill for their entrance into a career.”

With a Audi Tool Trophy, Audi gives approval to a three best student papers in two categories: First place among a master’s students was taken by Emmanuel Conter of Munich University with his paper on a theme of “Creating a braid descent device.” Conter grown a suction extractor for so‑called aluminum tinsel. These are steel particles that arise in a body shops during a estimate of aluminum and that have a negative impact on a production process. With a assistance of air‑current simulations and new production technologies, Conter combined optimally practiced suction nozzles and integrated them into a tools. Audi Toolmaking has already implemented this altogether judgment in a series‑production process.

Magdalena Ernst took a first prize in a difficulty “Bachelor Dissertations / Term Papers.” As tyro of a Ingolstadt University of Technology, she grown a routine for validating and calibrating a new calculation routine for presaging sink marks in a combining simulation. These sink marks are aspect flaws that can be tangible in terms of their abyss and curvature. The special consequence of her investigate work is in a care of these sink marks. Magdalena Ernst has implemented her new clarification in a graphic user interface. This means that a make-believe can now be directly compared with a dimensions of a sink marks.

The endowment of a Audi Tool Trophy will once again be supplemented with a three‑day technology forum. Audi Toolmaking employees can find out about stream and destiny projects in lectures and special exhibitions.

The Audi Toolmaking multiplication will classify a Audi Tool Trophy foe for participants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland this year as well. The association will shortly announce a accurate dates for applications.

Master’s Dissertations

1st place: Emmanuel Conter: “Creating a braid descent device”
EPF Ecole d’ Ingenieurs / Munich University of Applied Sciences

2nd place: Sebastian Melzer: “Development of an algorithm suitable for pattern and make-believe for synthesizing bionic cooling structures in three-dimensional components”
Technical University of Chemnitz

3rd place: Robert Meißner: “Developing and validating an design parameter for describing a aspect peculiarity of folded edges on components done of piece aluminum”
University of Stuttgart

Bachelor’s Dissertations / Term Papers

1st place: Magdalena Ernst: “Developing a routine for a qualitative and quantitative comparison of a formula of simulating and measuring penetrate marks”
Ingolstadt University of Technology

2nd place: Marcel Wilms: “Method for selecting a stretchable drudge complement for a programmed estimate of collection and molds”
RWTH Aachen University

3rd place: Michael Grubenmann: “Investigating a disaster pattern for bend-dominated combining processes”
ETH Zürich University 

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