Audi training in 2018: concentration on electric mobility and digitalization

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This means that all destiny automotive mechatronic technicians learn how to hoop high-voltage record and networked systems in a vehicle right from a training stage. The pursuit requires special knowledge: protecting measures for high-voltage technology, an bargain of a many sundry motorist assistance systems and a research of information protocols. The initial IT specialists in a margin of systems formation also gained their education during Audi in a summer of 2018. An additional gift as an electrician is partial of a course, since they do not work on PCs, though together with a mechatronic technicians in a digitalized sourroundings of automotive production. IT believe and a doing of rarely programmed prolongation systems form a basement for this.

The twin courses of investigate also underline a flourishing electric content: In this training year, a twin march of investigate in mechatronics in team-work with a Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) starts with a theme of electric mobility. The students bear a unsentimental partial of their studies during a Audi plant in Neckarsulm, that is a categorical core for a growth of fuel cells within a Volkswagen Group. After successfully completing their course, many of a graduates will work in that margin in Neckarsulm. A new march of investigate offering by a DHBW module is electrical engineering specializing in appetite and a environment. Participants in this twin march of investigate are scheming for an assignment in a margin of appetite supply during a Neckarsulm plant.

“The vehicle attention is radically changing; new technologies need new competences. That’s because we are already training immature people privately for a vital fields of a future,” pronounced Dieter Omert, Head of Vocational Training and Professional Competence Development during AUDI AG. “Rapid developments in areas such as electric mobility and digitalization meant also that immature people have not finished their training or studies during a finish of their courses. That’s because we also support them in invariably improving their qualifications.”

Jürgen Wittmann, member of a works legislature and of a works committee, stated: “The immature Audi employees are assisting to figure a future. With their acquired imagination and skills, they, as a destiny specialists, will play a wilful purpose in a ongoing success of a brand. That’s because a works legislature is committed to ensuring that a series of apprentices stays during a high turn and that a calm of their training continues to set standards in a automotive industry.”

Approximately 540 apprentices and twin students are starting their courses during a plant in Ingolstadt this year, and approximately 290 in Neckarsulm; about 30 percent of them are female. Audi will offer all of them a permanent position after a successful execution of their apprenticeships and studies.

The focus duration for a 2019 training year in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm runs until Sep 16. More information on apprenticeships and twin courses of investigate during Audi is accessible during

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