Audi turns Kitzbühel into ‘Home of quattro’

Posted on 21. Jan, 2014 by in Audi Canada

Kitzbühel boasts a weekend with all a trappings of a autarchic eventuality both on and off a slopes. No other venue has a some-more fantastic foe course, some-more eager fans and a larger firmness of parties and celebrities. Audi gives a amicable starting shot on Friday dusk by hosting a normal Audi Night. At a hotel ‘Zur Tenne’ in a ancestral city center, guest from sports, business and a media will accumulate to get in a mood for a competitions. For a convey use holding guest directly to a red carpet, a Audi Q7 and A8 L models will be available.

Audi is putting a whole World Cup participation in Kitzbühel underneath a ‘Home of quattro’ motto. Winter sports yield an ideal theatre for a code to benefaction a sportiness and impetus of a 4 rings to an general audience. This quite relates to a quattro permanent four-wheel expostulate that is means to denote a higher opening on sleet and ice. Guests will be afforded a eventuality to benefit a personal sense during an Audi pushing knowledge on a hinterland of a city underneath a superintendence of gifted instructors.  

The 74th using of a foe facilities a new highlight. The athletes will be contesting a Super-G on Friday morning and a Combination Slalom in a afternoon. The altogether leader of both classifications can strictly call himself ‘Hahnenkamm winner.’ On Saturday, as usual, a Downhill eventuality will start on a ‘Streif’ before a Slalom foe on a Ganslern march concludes a weekend. Those who master a ‘Streif’ are regarded as heading lights in winter sports. Heroes of a new past embody a Swiss Didier Cuche, who won a Downhill eventuality 4 times between 2008 and 2012, and Ivica Kostelić from Croatia, who many recently motionless a Combination in his preference 4 times in succession.

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