Audi uses wearables in logistics

Posted on 29. Nov, 2016 by in Audi Canada

An innovative scanner glove has now transposed required barcode scanners during comparison workplaces in a general logistics of CKD (completely knocked down) in Ingolstadt. The scanner is integrated in a “ProGlove.” The employees trigger a scanning duty by dire a ride and initial finger together. This means that they have both hands giveaway for their work and save additional palm movements, to collect adult and put down a scanner for example. It also minimizes walking and creates a operative routines in CKD Packing some-more ergonomic.

“For a employees, a scanner glove is a genuine help. It creates them some-more flexible; they can pierce openly and can indicate and container a cartons some-more easily,” explained Hartmut Bartsch, Head of CKD Packing. “In addition, with a assistance of a glove, we pattern formidable logistics processes to be some-more innovative and some-more efficient.”

“The growth of ProGlove follows a thought that wearable wiring have to support a employees. That’s since we have grown a light glove for attention that is discerning to use, and that can be deployed but any formation expense,” settled Thomas Kirchner, CEO of ProGlove.

The intelligent glove has an ergonomically optimized trigger symbol on a index finger, that operates a scanner when it is pulpy opposite a thumb. The worker doesn’t have to concentration on a barcode, since a scanning duty is integrated in a healthy palm movement. By means of visual (LED light), acoustical (buzzer) and pleasing (vibration) signals, a commissioner knows that a essay has been scanned.

The scanner communicates with a receiver section by radio. This entrance indicate is connected around USB or a normal sequence connector; a designation of additional program is not necessary. The battery assign is designed to final for a duration of a operative change and can afterwards be entirely recharged within two hours.

Audi has successfully tested a ProGlove for four weeks and has now deployed a initial gloves in a CKD Packing area. This is a first step towards widespread use of supposed wearables in production. In together with CKD Packing in Ingolstadt, a glove is also being tested in commander phases in other areas of prolongation during Audi. 

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