Audi welcomes LMP1 potency regulations

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“The LMP sports antecedent difficulty is ideal for demonstrating Audi’s potency record in racing,” emphasizes Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich, Head of Audi Motorsport. “This difficulty has evenly grown into a difficulty of technological leadership. The world’s many formidable competition cars are grown for it. That a potency targets in LMP1 racing mostly compare a mandate for stream and destiny newcomer cars ideally fits Audi’s explain and commitment.”

Ever given a code with a 4 rings entered LMP1 racing in 1999, a potency of a sports prototypes from Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm has ceaselessly improved. The vital stairs in a powertrain zone enclosed a introduction of TFSI gasoline proceed injection (2001), TDI diesel record (2006) and e-tron quattro diesel hybrid record (2012). In addition, there were countless minute optimizations in all other areas of a competition cars. “In 2014, though, a meditative has essentially changed,” explains Dr. Martin Mühlmeier, Head of Technology during Audi Sport. “Traditionally, technical regulations in motorsport have been focused on tying engine appetite outlay – for instance yet factors like cubic ability limits, comparatively parsimonious constraints for turbocharging systems, or by atmosphere restrictors. By contrast, a comprehensive volume of fuel accessible for a competition has typically been unlimited, and this was a box in LMP1 racing as well. But now, a extent volume of appetite per path is specified. And we need to make a best of it. By holding this step, a FIA, a ACO and all a parties concerned have managed to get a set of regulations off a belligerent with a candid concentration on potency while stability to make stirring competition and interesting races possible.”

In elementary terms, a new regulations plea a entrants to make a best use of a prescribed volume of fuel on any path in sequence to cover a longest stretch within a certain space of time (such as a 24-hour competition generation during Le Mans) and to thereby win. A draft shows a volume of appetite allocated to any powertrain concept. Diesel and gasoline engines are permissible. Furthermore, for a manufacturers with bureau commitments, hybrid systems are prescribed in 4 opposite opening classes. A extent volume of appetite is tangible for any of these classes.

This formula in a stirring sporting constellation. “Only those who have best control of their consumption, proceed a slight appetite extent as closely as possible, and are faster than everybody else interjection to an fit pushing character will be competitive,” explains Chris Reinke, Head of LMP during Audi Sport. If a volume of appetite accessible per path is not entirely consumed, it will be lost, as it might not additionally be used on a successive lap. This is a principal disproportion to a prior regulations, that did not extent expenditure in a race.

As of this year, a engineers have clearly some-more leisure with honour to a solutions they can use to grasp a new goal. Audi has opted for an all-new V6 TDI engine and a e-tron quattro expostulate system. In a retaining conflict of a concepts, a code is aiming for a 13th feat during Le Mans with a R18 e-tron quattro.

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Note to editors: Every Monday until a Le Mans competition in June, we will be providing we with new credentials information on a R18 plan and Audi’s joining in a world’s many famous continuation competition that will be hold on Jun 14/15 this year. Next week’s topic: The pushing will change.

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