Audi’s conduct of IT wins European award

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The European business network CIONET comprises more than 5,100 IT executives from 18 countries and promotes dialog between IT specialists of several disciplines. The endowment “European CIO of the Year” has been given annually since 2011 in approval of European IT visionaries from vast corporations, tiny and medium‑sized enterprises and a public sector. The 12‑member jury is stoical of IT experts from a fields of business, scholarship and politics, and essentially assesses a grant done by IT to a company’s increasing competitiveness. With their innovative IT strategy, Mattias Ulbrich and his group succeeded opposite finalists from six countries.

“In a digital era, interdisciplinary partnership is a pivotal to success. The best ideas for a active moulding of fast mutation are combined in a team,” settled Ulbrich. By means of intelligent IT solutions, he says that Audi has softened a processes of production, logistics and peculiarity declaration for example, and has so increasing capability while shortening costs. On a subjects of Audi connect, a tie of cars with their environment, and Audi City, a digital salon of a future, a Audi IT team cooperates really closely with colleagues from a Technical Development and Sales divisions.

“What many tender us was how successfully Mattias Ulbrich and his group have cooperated with all departments to modify a groundbreaking intensity of digital technologies into a rival advantage,” explained Dr. Nils Fonstad, jury member and scientist during a Sloan Center for Information Systems Research of a MIT. For example, Ulbrich and his staff successfully strengthened a brand’s digital image, softened a customers’ knowledge and combined new income sources.

“IT specialists play a pivotal purpose in a digital mutation of a society,” emphasized Indrajit Banerjee, Director of a Knowledge Society Division of UNESCO, in his debate during a endowment ceremony.

Audi’s IT department employs more than 1,000 people and supports good over 1,500 individual departments within AUDI AG. It also supports a 100‑percent subsidiaries of a Audi Group, Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. and Ducati Motor S.p.A., with pivotal IT issues. The same relates to over 20 other subsidiaries in Germany and abroad as good as a worldwide sales companies.

The association is regarded as an appealing employer for IT specialists and will this year partisan countless experts, in a area of Audi connect for example. In a new consult of university graduates carried out by Universum, a code with a Four Rings took fourth place as a best vehicle manufacturer, directly after Google, Microsoft and Apple. 

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