Auto China 2016: Audi presents Audi connected mobility concept

Posted on 25. Apr, 2016 by in Audi Canada

An electrically powered multifunctional longboard, measuring 1.05 meters in length, is integrated into a back fender of a automobile for available storage and removal. To safeguard permanent usability, a device is charged automatically while installed in a car. The board’s reward pattern includes higher materials such as CO fiber and aluminum.

The car’s infotainment complement is related to a smartphone calendar of a user. Based on a end and designed attainment time, a complement will calculate a fastest mobility brew formed on real-time trade data. In box a longboard choice is faster, a complement will suggest a parking space circuitously so that a motorist might continue a invert to a end with a electric board. The navigation information synchronizes with a Audi MMI bond App on a user’s smartphone that continues to beam a route.

The multi-functional longboard has a battery operation of some-more than 12 kilometers and reaches a limit speed of 30 km/h. The house can be employed in 3 roving modes: In “scooter mode”, a phone is conveniently clipped to a unfolded handlebar to arrangement directions. The speed is practiced around remote control trustworthy to a right handlebar grip. A trek can be conveniently clipped onto a steering rack. With a handlebar folded down in “sport mode”, a supplement controls a speed around remote control in his hand. In a third mode, a house serves as a ride device for luggage or selling bags: Connected wirelessly to a smartphone or smart-watch, a house automatically follows a owner.

The Audi connected mobility concept  is formed on a Audi Q3 that is constructed locally in China. More than 70,000 units were sole in a shred in 2015, creation a Q3 a marketplace personality in a reward compress SUV segment. At Auto China 2016, Audi launches a new Audi Q3 on a Chinese market.

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