Automobile shred aiming for EBIT domain of above 7%Third-quarter EBT jumps to euro 1,359 millionAutomobile shred EBIT rises to euro 1,152 millionEBIT domain of 8.1% for Automobile segment

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BMW Group raises gain foresee for 2010

Automobile shred aiming for EBIT domain of above 7%
Third-quarter EBT jumps to euro 1,359 million
Automobile shred EBIT rises to euro 1,152 million
EBIT domain of 8.1% for Automobile segment

Munich. The BMW Group continued to perform intensely good in a third entertain 2010, recording pointy increases in sales volumes, revenues and earnings. Third-quarter Group revenues rose by 35.6% to euro 15,940 million (2009: euro 11,759 million) while a distinction before taxation jumped to euro 1,359 million (2009: euro 126 million), a top pre-tax distinction ever accessible by a BMW Group in a singular quarter. The third-quarter distinction before financial outcome augmenting to euro 1,192 million (2009: euro 55 million), while a third-quarter distinction after taxation softened to euro 874 million (2009: euro 78 million). The series of cars sole during a duration from Jul to Sep augmenting by 13.0% to 366,190 units (2009: 324,100 units).

“We are really gratified with a third-quarter performance. Our appealing indication operation and a liberation of a tellurian economy have enabled us to grasp another poignant arise in sales volumes. Measures taken to boost profitability and a renewed high-value indication brew have also had a certain impact”, settled Norbert Reithofer, Chairman of a Board of Management of BMW AG, on Wednesday in Munich.

Nine-month revenues grew by 20.7% to euro 43,731 million (2009: euro 36,239 million), with an EBIT of euro 3,358 million (2009: euro 169 million) and a distinction before taxation of euro 3,166 million (2009: euro 79 million). Profit after taxation for a duration amounted to euro 2,032 million (2009: euro 47 million). The sum series of BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce code vehicles delivered to business adult to a finish of Sep augmenting by 13.1% to 1,062, 216 units (2009: 939,554 units).

BMW Group again raises gain foresee for 2010
As a outcome of a certain business trend, a BMW Group is once again augmenting a gain foresee for a stream financial year. “We are now aiming to grasp an EBIT domain of above 7% as a outcome of a clever sales volume opening in a Automobile shred in 2010”, pronounced Reithofer. Previously, a full-year EBIT domain of over 5% had been foresee for a Automobile segment. The foresee for a Financial Services shred stays unvaried with a pointy alleviation in gain before taxation and a lapse on equity of over 18%.

“The BMW Group is good on a approach towards achieving a targets for a full year. We wish to boost Group gain significantly in a stream year and so take an critical step towards achieving a targets for 2012”, continued Reithofer.

Sales volumes will continue to be increasing in a entrance months interjection to new models. “We foresee clever double-digit sales volume expansion again in a fourth entertain and are therefore assured that a full-year sales volume figure will boost by some-more than 10% to over 1.4 million vehicles. With this performance, a BMW Group will sojourn a world’s heading provider of reward vehicles in 2010”, commented Reithofer.

The new 5 Series Touring, a extended wheelbase chronicle of a BMW 5 Series Sedan for a Chinese marketplace and a MINI Countryman have been on sales given September. The new BMW X3 will follow during a finish of a year. Order-intake has been clever for all of these models.

In 2012, a BMW Group still aims to grasp an EBIT domain of 8 to 10 percent in a Automobile shred and a lapse on equity of during slightest 18% in a Financial Services segment.

Dynamic expansion for Automobile segment
The Automobile shred continued to grow boldly in a third quarter. The categorical factors benefitting shred gain were aloft sales volume, a high-value model-mix, softened pricing and reduce element costs.

EBIT for a third entertain softened from a disastrous euro 76 million to a certain euro 1,152 million on revenues of euro 14,210 million (2009: euro 10,178 million/+39.6%), ensuing in an EBIT domain of 8.1%. The third-quarter outcome before taxation incited around from a detriment of euro 154 million to a distinction of euro 1,285 million. The pre-tax lapse on sales was 9.0%. Third-quarter sales of BMW code cars rose by 16.3% to 306,982 units (2009: 263,864) units. MINI accessible a sales volume of 58,450 units (2009: 60,104 units/-2.8%), while Rolls-Royce was means to boost a third-quarter sales figure roughly 6 overlay to 758 units (2009: 132 units).

Nine-month revenues of a Automobile shred rose to euro 38,551 million (2009: euro 30,610 million/+25.9%). The shred EBIT for a initial 9 months of a year incited from a detriment of euro 358 million to a distinction of euro 2,760 million, analogous to an EBIT domain of 7.2%. The shred distinction before taxation softened significantly to euro 2,443 million (2009: detriment before taxation of euro 783 million). Adjusted for a externalisation of grant obligations and a squeeze of commercial securities, a giveaway money upsurge generated by a Automobile shred during a duration from Jan to Sep 2010 amounted to euro 2.1 billion. On an unadjusted basis, a giveaway money upsurge was euro 468 million.

The nine-month sales volume rose worldwide by 13.1% to 1,062,216 units (2009: 939,554 units). The series of BMW code cars sole during a duration from Jan to Sep augmenting by 14.8% to 892,737 units (2009: 777,455 units). Growth was achieved in sole by a BMW 5 Series (155,648 units/+22.2%), a BMW X1 (72,294 units), a BMW X5 (74,655 units/+16.2%) and X6 (34,464/+13.1%), a BMW 7 Series (47,349 units/+41.7%) as good as a BMW Z4 (20,637 units/+21.9%). Nine-month sales of a BMW 3 Series edged adult by 1.1% to 295,608 units (2009: 292,466 units). The BMW 1 Series accessible a nine-month sales volume of 151,681 units (2009: 164,114 units /-7.6%). Now entrance to a finish of a life-cycle, a BMW 6 Series accessible a sales volume of 5,149 units (2009: 7,078 units/-27.3%) during a duration from Jan to September.

MINI code sales during a initial 3 buliding of a year went adult by 3.8% to 167,751 units (2009: 161,638 units). This was helped by a good start done by a MINI Countryman that has been on sale given mid-September. Since then, 1,763 units of a initial MINI Crossover indication have been handed over to customers. Model revisions of a remaining MINI models have also been accessible given mid-September. The certain impact on sales volume sum is already perceptible: with some-more than 25,200 units sold, a MINI code – with that a BMW Group combined a initial reward product in a tiny vehicle shred behind in 2001 – accessible a best Sep sales volume figure to date.

Rolls-Royce continues to perform successfully. With 1,728 units (2009: 461 units) handed over to customers, a sales volume roughly quadrupled in a initial 9 months of a year. Demand for Rolls-Royce code cars has been strong, in sole for a Ghost launched in Dec 2009, of that 1,535 units have been sole adult to a finish of a third entertain 2010.

Sales volume expansion was accessible on roughly all markets during a initial 9 months of a year, with China and a American markets in sole good forward of a prior year. In Europe, a series of cars sole rose by 3.2% to 577,626 units. The association also remained on a expansion march in a largest general marketplace during a duration underneath report. A sum of 192,569 units were sole in a USA during a nine-month period, for instance, 7.4% some-more than in a prior year.

Sales in Asia during a duration from Jan to Sep climbed by 59.4% to 206,490 units. The BMW Group accessible really clever expansion on a Chinese markets, roughly doubling nine-month sales in China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan) to 132,270 units (+96.1%).

BMW Motorrad reports pointy sales volume increase
BMW Motorrad augmenting a third-quarter sales volume by 7.7% to 24,493 units (2009: 22,741 units). Segment revenues for a entertain rose by 21.8% to euro 291 million (2009: euro 239 million). The EBIT for a duration from Jul to Sep incited around from a disastrous euro 3 million to a certain euro 2 million. The series of motorcycles sole during a nine-month duration augmenting by 16.9% to 81,508 units (2009: 69,715 units), with shred revenues improving by 25.0% to euro 1,081 million (2009: euro 865 million). The nine-month shred EBIT jumped by 72.5% to euro 88 million (2009: euro 51 million), while a shred distinction before taxation softened by 84.4% to euro 83 million (2009: euro 45 million).

The BMW Group was means to strengthen a rival position serve during a duration underneath news notwithstanding formidable marketplace conditions and is now marketplace personality in a 500 cc and shred in countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, a Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and South Africa.

Sharp arise in Financial Services shred earnings
Improved business conditions on a general vehicle markets also benefited a third-quarter opening of a Financial Services segment. Revenues augmenting by 11.7% to euro 4,278 million (2009: euro 3,831 million). The shred reported a third-quarter distinction before taxation of euro 318 million (2009: euro 94 million) and an EBIT of euro 308 million (2009: euro 89 million). Nine-month shred revenues went adult by 3.5% to euro 12,480 million (2009: euro 12,058 million). The shred distinction before taxation for a initial 9 months of a year augmenting to euro 919 million (2009: euro 247 million), while a shred EBIT softened to euro 900 million (euro 234 million).

At 30 Sep 2010, a Financial Services shred was handling a portfolio of 3,144,817 franchise and credit financing contracts, 3.0% some-more than in a prior year. The series of new contracts rose worldwide by 6.7% to a sum of 802,719 contracts. Leasing business grew by 4.7%, credit financing by 7.5%. Lease contracts and credit financing accounted for 28.4% and 71.6% of new business respectively. The suit of new BMW Group cars financed or leased by a Financial Services shred was 47.6%, 1.3 commission points next a suit accessible one year earlier.

Workforce roughly during prior year’s level
The BMW Group had a worldwide workforce of 96,402 employees during a finish of a third entertain (30 Sep 2009: 98,358 employees), marginally adult (+0.2%) on a turn during 31 Dec 2009. Compared to a finish of a third entertain final year, a series of employees fell by 2.0%. The series of apprentices employed by a BMW Group remained during a high level. In Germany, some 1,080 apprentices started their training with a BMW Group during a third quarter. Worldwide, a figure was 1,124 apprentices.

The BMW Group an Overview

The full Quarterly Report to 30 Sep 2010 is accessible for download during As a worlds many tolerable vehicle manufacturer, a BMW Group has motionless not to tell a quarterly reports in paper form.

For questions greatfully contact:
Corporate and Governmental Affairs
Mathias Schmidt, Finance Communications
Telephone: (+ 49 89) 382-24118, Fax: (+ 49 89) 382-24418
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The BMW Group
The BMW Group is one of a many successful manufacturers of automobiles and motorcycles in a universe with a BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brands. As a tellurian company, a BMW Group operates 24 prolongation comforts in 13 countries and has a tellurian sales network in some-more than 140 countries.

The BMW Group achieved a tellurian sales volume of approximately 1.29 million automobiles and over 87,000 motorcycles for a 2009 financial year. Revenues totalled euro 50.68 billion. At 31 Dec 2009, a association employed a tellurian workforce of approximately 96,000 associates.

The success of a BMW Group has always been built on long-term meditative and obliged action. The association has therefore determined ecological and amicable sustainability via a value chain, extensive product shortcoming and a transparent joining to conserving resources as an constituent partial of a strategy. As a outcome of a efforts, a BMW Group has been ranked attention personality in a Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes for a final 6 years.

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