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Success for Audi in a 2016 Auto Trophy
The readers of Auto Zeitung have decided: with a sum of 7 prizes, Audi is once again a front-runner in a Auto Trophy 2016 competition. This year a honors go to a models Audi A1, Audi Q2, Audi Q5, Audi A5 Sportback* and Audi Q7. The reward code also took initial place in a “Best Design” and “Best Brand” categories. (November 29, 2016)

Golden Steering Wheel: Double win for Audi
The Audi Q2 and a Audi A5 Coupé* both finished triumphantly in a 2016 Golden Steering Wheel awards. The reward carmaker formed in Ingolstadt won in both a “Compact SUV” and “Sports Car” categories. Together with a row of experts, readers of Auto Bild repository and Bild am Sonntag journal comparison a best automotive innovations of a year. (November 8, 2016)

Top rating in US pile-up test: 5 prizes for Audi
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) gives both a Audi A4 and Audi Q5 their Top Safety Pick+ rating and a Audi A3, Audi Q7 and Audi A6 a Top Safety Pick rating. All 5 Audi models perceived a top class of “good” from a IIHS in all pile-up disciplines and are so among a safest cars in a US market. The Audi A4 perceived a Top Safety Pick+ endowment due to a discretionary LED headlights with their further discretionary high-beam partner and a Audi Q5 due to a adaptive xenon headlights and Audi adaptive journey control. (December 8, 2016)

Australia: 3 first-place finishes for Audi
Audi is celebrating honors in 3 categories in this year’s Car Sales Car of a Year awards. The Audi A4 Sedan won a “Best Prestige Car Under $100K” difficulty and a Audi Q7 took top place in a “Best SUV Over $50K” category. “Best City Car” honors went to the Audi A3 Sportback e-tron* with a innovative plug-in hybrid drive. (November 10, 2016)

USA: endowment for a Audi A4
The Audi A4 was crowned leader of a “Luxury Car” difficulty in a Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Awards. Winners are comparison any year in a sum of twelve categories by Kelley Blue Book, a ratings portal for new and used cars. The jurors quite emphasized a complicated design, modernized technologies and energetic pushing experience. (November 15, 2016)

UK: Audi A4 is “Best for Big Miles”
The Audi A4 has done a list of a Best Cars in a World in world-renowned Top Gear magazine. The reward automobile took initial place in a “Best for Big Miles” category. The repository praised a car’s gentle interior, technical apparatus and superb handling. (November 25, 2016)

Mexico: initial place for Audi from J.D. Power
Audi has left a foe in a dirt in a Mexico Vehicle Dependability Study. In addition, a Audi A1 and Audi A5 won awards in their particular automobile segments. J.D. Power surveyed 9,400 automobile owners via Mexico for a study. (October 20, 2016)

South Africa: 9 awards for Audi
Audi finished initial in several categories in a IPSOS Vehicle Quality Survey. In a “Top Hatchback” category, prizes went to both a Audi A1 and to a Audi A3 Sportback*. The Audi A4 and Audi A5 Sportback* took initial and second place in a “Medium Sedan” category. The leader of a “Top Sedan” difficulty is a Audi A3 Sedan*. The Audi A5 Coupé* was voted a best “Sports Coupe.” In a “Small RV” category, a Audi Q5 and a Audi Q3 took home a trophies. In addition, a reward code won a esteem for “Best Luxury Passenger Car Brand.” In a survey, 30,000 business common their practice and rated a peculiarity of recently purchased products. (November 7, 2016)

Spain: esteem for a Audi Q2
Readers of Spain’s Car and Driver repository have comparison a Audi Q2 as Car of a Year. Guillermo Fadda, Head of Audi Spain, supposed a Overall Best Car endowment during a celebration eventuality in Madrid. (December 1, 2016)

Japan: a Audi A4 is “Import Car of a Year”
The Audi A4 perceived a Import Car of a Year esteem in a preference of a 2016-2017 Japan Car of a Year. Jurors formed their choice on a endless preference of motorist assistance systems, connectivity and infotainment features. They were also tender by a pushing knowledge and high peculiarity standards. (December 9, 2016)

Audi wins Product Placement Award
For a successful product chain in a Marvel film Captain America – The First Avenger, a reward code has perceived a Product Placement Award 2016 in a “Cinema” category. The endowment was presented during a Branded Entertainment Summit ProPKo. Audi triumphed interjection to a glorious partnership and successful formation of a code into a film. (October 26, 2016)

Audi is a Red Dot: Brand of a Year 2016
In a visualisation of a Red Dot jury, Audi leads in communication pattern and has for initial a initial time perceived a Red Dot: Brand of a Year distinction. The titular title, determined in 2015, goes to a many successful code in a foe that creates generally innovative pattern solutions in communication and that convinces a jury with a accumulation of submitted particular projects. A sum of 17 Audi projects bear a Red Dot this year for superb communication design, including, among other things, a coming of a 4 rings during a 2015 International Motor Show and a “Mission to a Moon” display – a company’s impasse with a German group as partial of a Google Lunar XPRIZE. The coming of a website for a Audi 2015 Annual Report also scored points. Audi had already cumulative a esteem from a Red Dot jury 3 times in prior years: a Red Dot Client of a Year award, presented between 2010 and 2014 for a many successful team-work with artistic partners. (November 4, 2016)

Audi comparison 2016’s Brand of a Year
The marketplace investigate organisation YouGov has crowned Audi a Brand of a Year for 2016 in a “Automotive” category. This creates a third time that YouGov, operative in and with Handelsblatt newspaper, has renowned a brands German consumers rated top with awards in 31 categories. The formula are formed on a deputy consult with some-more than 700,000 online interviews. (November 2, 2016)

Fuel expenditure of a models named above:

Audi A5 Sportback:
Combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 7.5 – 4.1** (31.4 – 57.4 US mpg);
Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 170 – 106** (273.6 – 170.6 g/mi)

Audi A5 Coupé:
Combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 7.4 – 4.0** (31.8 – 58.8 US mpg);
Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 170 – 105** (273.6 – 169.0 g/mi)

Audi A4 Sedan:
Combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 7.5 – 3.7** (31.4 – 63.6 US mpg)
Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 170 – 95** (273.6 – 152.9 g/mi)

Audi A3 Sportback e-tron:
Combined fuel expenditure l/100 km: 1.8 – 1.6** (130.7 – 147.0 US mpg)
Combined appetite expenditure in kWh/100 km: 12.0 – 11.4
Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 40 – 36 (64.4 – 57.9 g/mi)

Audi A3 Sportback:
Combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 7.1 – 3.8** (33.1 – 61.9 US mpg);
Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 163 – 99** (262.3 – 159.3 g/mi)

Audi A3 Sedan:
Combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 7.1 – 3.7** (33.1 – 63.6 US mpg);
Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 163 – 98** (262.3 – 157.7 g/mi)

** Figures count on a tire/wheel sets used and a engine/transmission variant

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