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Audi is lovely a A5 indication series. Advanced technologies are being total to a Sportback, Coupé, Cabriolet and S5 models in a areas of a engine, quattro expostulate and infotainment for even some-more efficiency, sportiness and intelligence. The updated pattern visually underscores a technical imagination concerned in these versions.

The A5 models are now some-more particular than ever. The back lights and a headlights have been redesigned and are optionally accessible in xenon and record with homogenous LED daytime regulating lights. New colors and materials intensify a interior, and many sum of a doing judgment have been fine-tuned.

Each of a 4 TDI diesel and 3 TFSI gasoline units in a new engine lineup embody forced initiation and proceed fuel injection. The new 1.8 TFSI facilities a array of groundbreaking innovations. Fuel expenditure has been reduced by 11 percent on average. The start-stop element and a recuperation element come customary with all engine-transmission configurations.

Each engine is matched with a ideal drivetrain – six-speed manual, multitronic, seven-speed S tronic, front-wheel expostulate or quattro drive. When total with S tronic, a quattro drivetrain uses a crown-gear core differential and torque vectoring; a competition differential is a ideal complement. The framework has been some-more finely tuned, with a discretionary Audi expostulate name element and energetic steering creation a A5 even some-more fun to drive. The electromechanical appetite steering is new to a A5 family.

The new A5 is a rarely intelligent car. Its motorist assistance systems have undergone complete serve development. The operation of infotainment options now includes a Bluetooth online automobile phone, that delivers a array of special services and connects a A5 to a Internet.

The Audi A5 – A leader is now even some-more attractive
A successful family is now even some-more attractive: Audi is lovely a A5 indication series. New solutions for a engines, quattro expostulate and infotainment are being total to a Sportback, Coupé, Cabriolet and S5 models, creation them even some-more sporty and efficient. The pattern is now even some-more dynamic.

Exterior pattern and body
Ever given their debut, a models of a A5 family – a Sportback, Coupé and Cabriolet – have tender with their elegance. The issuing silhouettes, a pointy lines and a robust surfaces make clever statements. The product alleviation adds pointy new accents to a design.

The tip corners of a single-frame grille in high-gloss black are beveled. The grille’s parallel bars and a Audi rings seem to be sculpted. The new fender facilities conspicuous atmosphere inlets with vast struts, revamped grilles and prosaic haze lights. Sharply chiseled edges give a engine hood a three-dimensional look; a whole front finish appears even agree and wider.

The headlights have also been updated. Their revoke corner forms a wave; their interior has been restructured. With a discretionary xenon and headlights, a LED daytime regulating lights form a narrow, homogenous hold framing a headlight. Audi also offers a adaptive light element with energetic cornering light and branch light. The back lights have also been redesigned and are optionally accessible with continual LED light strips. The fender includes a array of additional details.

The product alleviation has total a millimeter (0.04 in) to any of a extraneous dimensions. The A5 Sportback is 4.71 meters (15.45 ft) long; a Coupé and a Cabriolet 4.63 meters (15.19 ft). The operation of colors has been reshuffled and now comprises 16 colors. The entirely involuntary acoustic tip of a A5 Cabriolet is accessible in 4 colors. The S line extraneous package is accessible for those who conclude an even some-more energetic look.

The automobile bodies stir with high rigidity, superb pile-up safety, high vibrational comfort and low weight. The front fenders are done of aluminum for softened axial bucket distribution. Aerodynamic fine-tuning measures embody a lined underbody.

Interior design
A agreeable change of proportions and surfaces, glorious materials and top-quality fit and finish: The interior of a A5 models reflects a Audi code culture. It is now some-more superb than ever – with new steering wheels, including an choice for a flattened ring, new steering mainstay stalks and with slight chrome clasps framing a control elements.

A symbol is used to directly adjust a discretionary chair heating and chair movement in 3 stages. Also updated were a ignition key, a selector push for a involuntary transmission, a symbol for a discretionary Audi expostulate name element and a controls of a high-efficiency atmosphere conditioning and multifunction steering wheel. All displays are now bright in white.

New paint covers a bezels on a instrument cluster and a core console, and there is also a new preference of upholstery and inlays. The latter are accessible in Aluminium Trigon or in walnut or healthy glorious pellet ash. Almost all of a interior colors are new. Fine Nappa leather replaces Valcona in a Sportback, and a armrests can also be lonesome in leather, if desired. The A5 Sportback is also now optionally accessible as a five-seater.

Another appealing choice is a S line competition package. It covers a interior in black and accentuates it with superb applications. A competition cessation lowers a automobile physique by 10 millimeters (0.39 in), and 18-inch wheels turn out a package. Buyers looking for that special something will find many some-more customization options in a Audi disdainful range, including a stylish Audi disdainful line with two-tone chair coverings.

The A5 family sets new standards for sportiness and efficiency. All engines underline forced initiation and proceed injection for endless pulling power. Even a entry-level engine produces 320 Nm (236.02 lb-ft) of torque. The start-stop element and a recuperation element are customary with all engines – no other manufacturer takes such a severe approach. The lineup comprises 3 gasoline engines and 4 TDI units. CO2 emissions have been reduced by as many as 22 percent.

The totally redesigned 1.8 TFSI showcases a full border of Audi’s expertise. Groundbreaking innovations can be found in a control of a valves and their lift, a thermal government concept, a injection system, a turbocharger and a formation of a empty manifold. In a A5 Coupé, a high-end four-cylinder section consumes on normal usually 5.7 liters of fuel per 100 km (41.27 US mpg). This best-in-class value corresponds to 134 grams CO2 per km (215.65 g/mile) and is 21 percent revoke than before. With 125 kW (170 hp), a 1.8 TFSI accelerates a A5 powerfully.

The outlay of a 2.0 TFSI stays unvaried during 155 kW (211 hp). New to a Audi A5 lineup is a 3.0 TFSI, a supercharged V6 producing 200 kW (272 hp).

The diesel engines are also impressively efficient, and a four-cylinder units underline modifications in countless areas. Equipped with a 130 kW (177 hp) 2.0 TDI and a primer transmission, a A5 Coupé consumes on normal usually 4.7 liters of fuel per 100 km (50.05 US mpg) – a CO2 homogeneous of 122 g per km (196.34 g/mile) and a miracle in a coupe segment.

Three V6 diesel units turn out a lineup on a tip end. The 3.0 TDI with 150 kW (204 hp) is a many fuel-efficient six-cylinder section in a category worldwide. In a A5 Coupé with multitronic, it consumes on normal 4.9 liters (48 US mpg) of fuel and emits usually 129 grams CO2 per km (207.61 g/mile). The second various of a 3.0 TDI produces 180 kW (245 hp). Arriving rather after is a quite low-emissions purify diesel indication that will make a A5 a initial coupe on a marketplace to accommodate a Euro 6 diesel standard.

Audi offers a ideal drivetrain for any engine. A primer six-speed delivery and a invariably non-static multitronic are accessible for models with front-wheel drive. The quattro models come with a primer delivery or a lightning-fast, seven-speed S tronic. All of a transmissions gleam with their preference and precision, high potency and far-reaching rigging spread. The prolonged ratios in a tip gears revoke fuel consumption.

Members of a A5 family versed with quattro permanent all-wheel expostulate and a S tronic delivery also underline a crown-gear core differential with torque vectoring. During normal driving, a involuntary member sends a engine’s appetite essentially to a back wheels. If necessary, it redistributes a appetite lightning-fast and smoothly. Up to 70 percent can upsurge to a front axle, 85 percent to a back axle. Torque vectoring uses targeted, teenager braking interventions to make a doing even some-more precise.

Available as an choice in all A5 quattro models, a competition differential provides for limit pointing and high traction. It uses dual superposition stages intent around multi-plate clutches to actively discharge a torque between a back wheels as needed.

The A5 models set standards for sporty dynamics, lush float comfort and glorious pushing safety. Most of a components of a five-link front cessation and a trapezoidal-link back cessation are done of aluminum. The back cessation orientation and a check tuning have been updated for some-more accurate doing and even larger comfort.

The ESP stabilization module with electronic singular trip differential is customary in all front-wheel expostulate versions of a A5. ESP uses minimal braking interventions during a inside front circle for even some-more lively during energetic driving. The vast brakes – with ventilated front and back discs in many variants – offer glorious interlude appetite and are really easy to modulate.

17-inch wheels with 225/50 tires are standard. Options embody wheels adult to 20 inches and 265/30 tires as good as 4 new circle designs.

Among a high-end facilities in a indication array is Audi expostulate select. In a simple configuration, it adjusts a appetite steering boost, a accelerator characteristic, a change points of a involuntary delivery and a involuntary atmosphere conditioning. Using a symbol in a cockpit, a motorist can establish either these components should work in “comfort,” “auto,” “dynamic” or “efficiency” mode. The latter helps to expostulate a A5 quite efficiently. If a automobile is versed with a navigation system, there is also an “individual” mode that a motorist can mostly configure him or herself.

Audi expostulate name can be total with additional modules, if desired. These are a competition cessation with check control, a competition differential and energetic steering, that steplessly varies a steering ratio by scarcely 100 percent as a duty of speed.

Another new customary underline in a A5 indication array is a electromechanical appetite steering. An electric engine generates a right volume of boost for a speed being driven. The electromechanical appetite steering facilities a proceed ratio, reacts now and provides accurate highway feedback. It intervenes somewhat to support a motorist when braking on a aspect with reduction hold on one side of a car.

The element reduces fuel expenditure by adult to 0.3 liters per 100 km and adult to 7 g CO2/km (11.27 g/mile) since it consumes no appetite during all while pushing straight.

Assistance systems
The assistance systems in a Audi A5 indication array use a accumulation of technologies to make pushing even some-more controlled. Some of them have been softened with new functions. Among a customary facilities is a new motorist information element with recommendations to take a break. It uses steering motions and additional parameters to detect when a motorist is removing sleepy and issues an suitable warning.

Audi side support supports a motorist when changing lanes by regulating radar to guard a space behind a car. Audi active line support – a new underline in a A5 – helps a motorist to say a lane. A camera detects a line markings and a element creates slight corrections to a electromechanical steering, if necessary. The adaptive journey control uses radar record to say a consistent interlude between a A5 and a automobile ahead. At speeds next 30 km/h (18.64 mph), it triggers limit braking in a eventuality of an imminent collision.

Infotainment systems
The infotainment systems in a A5 have been significantly upgraded. Audi equips all models in a A5 lineup with a CD radio and 8 speakers.

The discretionary top-of-the-line section is MMI navigation and with a vast tough drive, seven-inch tone monitor, 3D graphics and DVD player. Its controls have been improved. The array of tough buttons has been reduced from 8 to 4 and a volume control now facilities a joystick tip to make it easier to select songs. Voice control and digital radio accepting also perceived some fine-tuning.

An additional choice is a Bluetooth online automobile phone. Audi bond is a axiom for a appealing services this phone brings to a A5, that embody Google POI search, navigation with Google Earth images and a WLAN hotspot. The hotspot enables passengers to roller a Internet and send and accept e-mail with their mobile devices. Audi trade information online is an additional use that does a many improved pursuit than a informed TMC customary of providing a motorist with intensely accurate and stream information about a trade bucket along a comparison route. All a motorist needs to use these functions is a data-capable SIM card.

Despite a endless product improvement, Audi is lifting prices usually slightly. The cost boost for a A5 Coupé 2.0 TFSI is usually €200, for example. The bottom model, a Audi A5 Sportback 1.8 TFSI, costs €33,350.

The Audi S5
The tip models in a array – a S5 as Sportback, Coupé and Cabriolet – have also been refreshed. All S5 models, including a Coupé, are now versed with a 3.0 TFSI producing 245 kW (333 hp). Compared to a 4.2-liter V8 it replaces in a Coupé, a supercharged V6 consumes on normal 20 percent reduction fuel per 100 kilometers. Average fuel expenditure is usually 8.1 liters (29.04 US mpg) while opening stays impressive. The S5 Coupé accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in usually 4.9 seconds on a approach to an electronically governed tip speed of 250 km/h (155.34 mph).

Visual cues to a updated S models embody new lights, mutated physique sum and new crystal-effect paint finishes. Subtle changes can also be found in a interior. The many critical technical updates for a Audi S5 are quattro expostulate with a crown-gear core differential and electromechanical appetite steering. The special S competition cessation and a customary 18-inch wheels broach a appetite to a road.

The apparatus and information specified in this request impute to a indication operation offering in Germany. Subject to change but notice; errors and omissions excepted.


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